How the NEW QuickBase Helps You Work Faster

Feb 15, 2013
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Learning and navigating a new interface can be a challenge, especially when you have been doing things one way for a long time. But change can be a good thing, especially when it makes your job easier and gives you more time back in the day. Here are just a few ways in which the NEW QuickBase can help you work in apps more efficiently.

1. View as much data as you want to by setting spacing preferences.

In the NEW QuickBase, individual users like you are allowed to set their own preferences for the spacing of data throughout QuickBase. You can choose a condensed view, a more relaxed version, or stick with the default spacing. Your spacing preference will carry across all apps, tables, forms, and reports in QuickBase. [see image below]

Why would you want to change the spacing of data? Choosing the condensed spacing allows you to fit more data on the page without scrolling. If you don’t need to see so much data, or prefer larger margins between your fields, choosing the more relaxed version will offer more space on the page.




How to set your spacing preferences:

To change your spacing preference, log in to QuickBase and click on your username in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown, choose “My Preferences & Profile.” In the “UI Spacing” field, you will see examples of how each option looks. Pick your favorite and hit save.

2. Read and edit records effortlessly with enhanced form benefits.

Forms in the new QuickBase have lots of new features that make reading, editing, and saving records easier for you. Two of these features are the ability to collapse form sections, and the change in location of the form controls (edit, save, email, etc.) to the page bar, which locks in place as you scroll.

Since many people might work with the same form, collapsing sections of the form that you don’t work with keeps you from having to scroll through information you don’t need to see. QuickBase remembers which form sections you collapse so that next time you sign in, you don’t have to collapse them again. If you end up needing that section in the future, you always have the ability to expand the section.

In the classic version of QuickBase, when working with very long forms, it could be hard to find the ‘save’ button after you entered all your data since it sat at the top of the page. Since the save button in the NEW QuickBase is now located on the locked page bar, it’s always visible, no matter how long the form is.

How to use enhanced form features:

To collapse a section of your form, go into any record and click the blue arrow to the left of the section header. To expand it, click that arrow again. To test out the scrolling page bar, go in to one of your longer forms and slowly scroll down to the bottom. You’ll notice the page bar with the form controls scrolls with you.

3. Find specific data faster using table home pages.

In the NEW QuickBase, each table in an app will have its own home page and it may be customized to your role. Your app manager may set up different reports on this page that are most relevant to your daily tasks, so you can access the data you need, fast. If your table home pages are not customized, ping your app manager and offer him or her specific suggestions on what you would like to see on that page. [see image below]

Not only will you be able to see the data you need most right there in front of you, without having to pull any reports, but the new filters to the left help you narrow down this data even more to get to exactly what you need. For example, your app manager may choose to set up a report on the home page that shows you the status of tasks that are assigned to you. That means, every time you access that table, you’ll immediately be able to see what tasks you have pending, completed, or another status.

Learn more about table home pages, and see how they're used at the following YouTube video: NEW QuickBase - Simplified Search and Filtering.

How to use table home pages:

In one of your apps, click on one of your table icons. You’ll be able to see the report or chart that your app manager has set up for your role. Start typing a word into the search term or clicking on some of the filters on the left. Only records that meet your search criteria will be shown to you. To undo a filter, just click it again.

4. Search all our help resources in one go using the new integrated help feature.

The new, integrated help feature within QuickBase lets you search all QuickBase Help resources without ever leaving QuickBase.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn how to do something and not being able to find help quickly, especially when you’re just trying to get your work done. The new help panel is the quickest, easiest way to get help. It gives you access to guides, videos, and even the user community, where you can browse, answer, or ask questions. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can “ask an expert” – directly email your app manager or open a support ticket right from the help panel. All this means that you can go back to doing your job, instead of hunting for resources.

Watch this short YouTube video to learn more about the QuickBase user community.









How to use the integrated help feature:

How do you gain access to all this knowledge? Just click the Help button in the top right corner of your QuickBase and the Help panel will appear. It’s visible wherever you are in QuickBase – whether on your My Apps main page or down in a table within one of your apps. Type in your question in the search field and everything regarding that topic will come up.

5. Access QuickBase instantly from your mobile devices.

The new QuickBase is instantly available on your mobile devices, no need to download any additional applications. The layout of QuickBase automatically adjusts to the smaller screen size, buttons turn into icons, and users can pinch and zoom. You can even add or edit records from your mobile device.

How to use QuickBase Mobile:

Grab a tablet or smart phone and search Tap “Sign in to QuickBase” to enter QuickBase Mobile, as you might hit “Sign in” on the Intuit QuickBase website.

6. Open and access multiple apps at once from the new App bar.

The new QuickBase features an App bar at the top of the page. The Apps bar allows users to open multiple apps at once. They appear as different tabs on the app bar.

The Apps bar enables fast switching between multiple apps, allowing you to complete tasks faster. If you use multiple apps on a daily basis, you can leave them open on the Apps bar and the next time you sign in they will still be there. The Apps bar also provides a link bringing you back to your My Apps page, and a ‘+ New App’ tab so you can create a new app.

How to use the Apps bar:

Go to your My Apps page and open up two or more apps. They will both appear as tabs on the app bar. Sign out and back in again. Both those apps will still be open as tabs.

These are just some of the many features and enhancements the new QuickBase has to offer. All of the new tools available in QuickBase are designed so that you can complete your tasks faster and easier, meaning you can get back to doing your job.

Sign into QuickBase to explore each of the features above. What other features have you tried in the NEW QuickBase that have helped you complete tasks faster?

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