How Synopsys Uses Intuit QuickBase to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Jun 16, 2014
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If you own a smartphone, there is a good chance it was designed using software created by Synopsys. As the global leader in Electronic Design Automation, Synopsys is successful because we understand the importance of innovation — Moore's Law forces our customers to innovate rapidly, so we must innovate rapidly too.

The demand for innovative solutions affects not only our product development and customer account teams, but also the internal processes and systems we use. As an IT person in a business unit, I am constantly looking for tools that enable us to quickly develop practical, easy-to-use, and flexible applications. We need to know more about our business activity, our customers, and our competitors so we can proactively meet customer demands, and react more quickly when we miss something.

This is why Intuit QuickBase has become so valuable to us. QuickBase helps us quickly innovate our own focused apps, without diverting precious IT resources, to solve certain pressing business challenges. When needs change, and they always do, QuickBase allows us to nimbly adjust the app to meet new requirements.

For example, a few years ago Synopsys wrestled with a very specific problem. Our professional services team needed a powerful, yet flexible, project management tool to manage paid consulting engagements. We needed a tool to provide a standard framework and user interface we could apply to both small and large engagements with minimal effort. And we needed better control over project milestones and progress, and budgets vs. actual spend. We evaluated many tools, some of which were enormously expensive, but for various reasons all fell short.

Only QuickBase met our needs. Our professional services team started with the QuickBase Project Tracking app, then extended it to meet their particular requirements. From there, other teams inside Synopsys have recognized the value of customizable apps. We now have 1,300 QuickBase users at Synopsys, up from 200 in 2010, and see a lot of opportunities to grow our QuickBase usage even further.

We now rely on QuickBase apps for:

• Business management (executive and VP level)

• Project tracking

• Customer engagement

• Account management

I'll be speaking at the "Build, Create, Share with Intuit QuickBase" event in Palo Alto, CA on July 9, 2014. In my talk, I'll share more details of our QuickBase apps, including the challenges we face around roles and permissions and dealing with high levels of complexity.

Register now to join me for this great event.

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