How PTC Manages a Complex Partner Program with QuickBase

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Feb 6, 2014
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You don’t grow into $1.3 billion software company with 27,000 customers without an extensive network of partners. For PTC, managing a network of over 350 active partnerships, with a staff of only five, requires a solid system for storing and reporting on all the activities associated with those partnerships.

The team at PTC’s PartnerAdvantage Program gave up spreadsheets and paper forms in favor of an Intuit QuickBase application that stores relevant partner data, such as agreements and email records,— and delivers on-demand reporting.

“The value we get from QuickBase is enormous,” says Andrew Barlow, VP of the PartnerAdvantage Program.

[caption id="attachment_21700" align="alignleft" width="700"]Photo of a racing motorcycle PTC software helps companies design everything from racing motorcycles to medical devices.[/caption]

The QuickBase application is tied into several other systems, including an Oracle transactional system and PTC WindChill, a software package that serves as a content management system for the PartnerAdvantage team. The PartnerAdvantage team also uses a third-party application called SendToQuickBase to log important email communications between the PartnerAdvantage team and its partners.

Together, these technologies combine to allow to the PartnerAdvantage team to drive real results for PTC. Not only can the team manage 350 complex, continuously evolving partnerships with only five team members, but other groups within PTC (such as Mergers & Acquisitions) can leverage the information in the partner database to get a better understanding of PTC’s partner community.

Most importantly, Barlow and his team continue to rely on an application that can be easily updated, without help from a developer or PTC's IT department, to adapt to changing needs and requirements.

"I'm always amazed at how much you can do with QuickBase with a little bit of study," he says. "As we evolve, QuickBase evolves with us."

Read the full case study on the QuickBase Customer page.

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