How Nonprofits Are Embracing Operational Agility – Age of Agility Podcast

Written By: Matt Lieberson
January 13, 2021
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While operational agility can be seen as a business-focused concept, becoming agile and solving modern organizational issues is critical for every business. Nonprofits, for example, are trying to solve for the same challenges – how to work remotely, how to modernize workflows, how to stay connected with teams, customers, and partners during this time of social distancing. Neon One, a nonprofit software designed for nonprofits to scale their impact with unified software and integrations, is working closely with organizations to make that happen.

Tim Sarrantonio, director of strategic partnerships at Neon One, joined the Age of Agility podcast to discuss how they have been able to continue serving over 35,000 social good organizations and the shift to a digital focus in the nonprofit world.

Make data-informed decisions

Tim and Neon One took this moment to do a deep dive into their client base, to better understand their target markets and best use cases. By leveraging internal platform data, Neon One was able to have clarity on their users and how to best serve them.

“We finally shifted [this data] from not just development and product development, but into business strategy as well,” Tim said. With this data challenging some of their prior assumptions about who is using Neon One and how, Neon One could better communicate their message and share it with the marketplace.

“Agility really comes down to yourself. People are more confident when they’re confident in themselves,” Tim added.

Be prepared to pivot

Just like all businesses, nonprofits such as arts organizations and live events-focused organizations, have needed to completely reshape their focus during the pandemic. Some of Neon One’s clients have leveraged digital technology that may not have been as familiar to them before 2020.

Tim detailed one organization that pivoted their usual bike ride event into a hybrid virtual event with live-streaming portions. They leveraged Neon One’s integration with Strava that would show pledged miles alongside their fundraising. Coupled with a socially distanced ride, the organization as able to raise over $7 million.

With nonprofits like this empowered with the right tools and the right direction, they were able to continue to work towards their missions. Through a pivot to be focused more digitally, they could stay the course during turmoil – something organizations across industries are looking to do.

Demonstrate impact in the most effective ways

One of the biggest struggles for all businesses during the pandemic has been finding the right ways to demonstrate the impact that they are making on their customers. For nonprofits, especially ones that rely on in-person connections to showcase progress, this is especially true. By understanding how your target audience wants to be reached, organizations can better share their message.

“People want to be able to have a lot of video storytelling. They want to be able to demonstrate impact,” Tim said. That understanding allows Neon One to best supply their client with the right data and suggestions to reach target audiences.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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