How I Use QuickBase: E-Mail Notifications

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May 8, 2006
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As you can imagine, we are all asked all the time how we use QuickBase, so consider this post one in a series that discusses how we use our own product in day-to-day business.

E-mail notifications and subscriptions are hands down my favorite feature of QuickBase. While in general, I am anti-"more e-mail", QuickBase brings good e-mail to my inbox... RELEVANT e-mail. To give you an idea, I get e-mail that:

  • When it happens, tells me we closed a deal, with whom, and for what use! :-)
  • When it happens, tells me when a support case is assigned to me.
  • When it happens, shows me Community Forum questions.
  • When it happens, tells me when a service patch date is set.
  • Daily, tells me any support cases I need to handle.
  • Daily, tells me what our PR team is expecting from me.
  • Daily, gives me a review of our last 15 days of Operations stats.
  • Semi-weekly, gives me new customer reports.
  • Weekly, summarizes roadblocks customers encountered.
  • Weekly, summarizes support cases.

I could go on for awhile, but you get the picture. The best part about these emails is that they are targeted just for me. For example, our operations (systems performance, requests handled, incidents, response times, etc.) are critical for our service. The report has row colorization that tells me if we exceeded any thresholds. (I, our Ops team, and our Eng team gets paged real time for an issue, but this report helps us back up and see any trends). I'm aging, so I can't remember every detail of our ops. So, one day when looking at a report, I had to ask "why" a certain value was over threshold. Well, that got the "Ops Notes" column added to the report, which is where we make notes so we know if we expected a value to be above threshold for maintenance or other reasons.

This is why I love these emails... if I have to ask a question, most often, that can be added to the email and then I don't have to ask again. They are reports for me. (Or whoever else defines them.) Because of this, they are more relevant, and they help me stay on top of this business.

I've had customers and partners be impressed with how much we know about our business. The reason for me is that our product itself helps us stay on top of the business. Seeing emails during the day as things happen, reviewing a few every morning and each week... it keeps you on top of things and NO ONE is spending time building special reports daily, weekly or monthly for me to keep updated. I love that!

If you haven't yet discovered their power, here's a basic intro to e-mail notifications:

If you have discovered their power, please share with other users how you are using e-mail notifications to make your job easier.

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