How Cloud Based Contract Management Saves Nonprofit Time

Tips & Tricks
Dec 5, 2014
3 Min Read

Engaging Schools is a nonprofit that works with 3,600 educators and administrators yearly to create safe, caring environments where students can learn. It’s a business built on long-term relationships that take time to establish and maintain.

Engaging Schools had a Microsoft Access database for managing contract information, but users felt the system was too complex and quickly abandoned it. Even basic functionality like generating reports required technical assistance.

“There was no user-friendliness to Access. The way it was built, every report had to be created by a consultant, which was very expensive. It simply didn’t make sense for us to continue using it,” says Geoffrey Bertram, IT manager and finance associate at Engaging Schools.

Engaging Schools opted to implement Intuit QuickBase to automate and simplify its contract management tasks. With contract management tasks automated and simplified within QuickBase, Bertram estimates that Engaging Schools has reclaimed 25–30 hours of valuable staff time per week that can now be better used on their mission to help schools.

Staffers can now access real-time information within QuickBase and generate reports on demand, without the cost or time delays associated with relying on outside IT resources. And, finally, Engaging Schools has the information they need, at their fingertips, to maximize their school relationships as they are converted from leads into signed contracts.

“QuickBase unlocked the potential for Engaging Schools staff to do better things. Their time is used so much more efficiently now than before,” says Bertram.

Read the full case study on the Intuit QuickBase customer page.