Have a Nine to Five Mandate? Time to Reevaluate

Do you mandate that your team members be physically present in the office during traditional business hours?  If you haven’t intended to make flextime and/or telecommuting a part of your team’s operations, you may want to rethink that decision.

Recently, MomCorps , a national flexible staffing firm, conducted a survey showing that flexible work options are significantly important to working professionals today as a deciding factor when taking a job, with some even willing to give up salary to get it.


Balance Trumps Finances

According to the survey, more than two in five working adults (42 percent) are willing to give up some percentage of their salary for more flexibility at work; about six percent is the average employees are willing to relinquish.  Considering the current state of the job market and continually high unemployment, this is huge.  It means that, despite financial concerns, American workers are still putting work/life balance ahead of economic advantages.

Dads Want it Too

It’s not just the working moms either.  So, while working mothers are often thought to be the impetus for workplace flexibility, working fathers are also seeking more balance between work and life as it relates to their children.  Only half of all working parents said they preferred to work a traditional “9-to-5” workday, and an incredible 79 percent of working mothers and 77 percent of working fathers say that they would stay with a company longer if it offered flexible work options.

Put Flexibility in Place Now

You might think that your employees won’t ask for flexible work options because they are still afraid for their jobs, but this is not the case.  And if you don’t offer them now, you will be primed to lose them when the job market improves and your competition is out there presenting a more attractive work schedule.

So how do you start?  You might first have a chat with Human Resources to see what is possible, and then survey your team on the type of flexibility that would interest them most.  You may not be able to deliver the perfect solution, but any efforts in this direction will certainly be appreciated by your staff.

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