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Jul 14, 2010
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I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be joining the QuickBase team as Vice President and General Manager. Over my 12 year career at Intuit, I have been a huge fan of QuickBase – I’ve seen it used to run our staff meetings, IT projects, partner interactions, sales pipelines, enterprise risk management processes – pretty much you name it, and we’ve used it that way. I’ve loved that any member of a team can create a custom application, invite others to participate and then communicate their success. And now, I’m starting to learn more about team after team at over 3000 other companies that rely on QuickBase to reach their goals, manage their projects, report their metrics, plan coworker birthday parties and so many other amazing things. I’m excited to become a part of the organization that delivers these outcomes.

For those of you curious about my background, here’s a condensed vitae.

I’ve held several positions at Intuit during my tenure, including being a general manager in Intuit’s Small Business Division where I was responsible for leading a $500M portfolio of businesses – including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Point of Sale and Intuit’s Checks and Supplies business.

I’ve also led Intuit’s strategy to help small businesses grow through marketing and customer management offerings. This work included driving Intuit's acquisition of website company Homestead.

Most recently, I was a leader in Intuit’s QuickenHealth Group, which works with health plans, employers, physicians and consumers to make the financial side of health care easier for all constituents.

Prior to joining Intuit in 1998, I held several sales and product marketing positions with Oracle Corporation, including leading the business case and product management for their first e-commerce initiative, the Oracle Store.

I received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Harvard College.

While I was a leader in Intuit’s Small Business Division, I had the pleasure of working closely with Bill Lucchini – some of you may know Bill as the former general manager of QuickBase. Bill is a wonderful leader. I consider him a friend and know he will be missed. Over the past three years Bill and the QuickBase team doubled the number of QuickBase users, launched our Enterprise Edition to serve large accounts, and built the Intuit Partner Platform to enable third-party developers to build QuickBase powered apps for small businesses. We’ve all benefited from his successes, and I thank him for his contributions.

So what does this change in QuickBase leadership mean for customers and partners?  Well, it means that you’ll still enjoy using the same great product you have been.  We will continue to serve the needs of teams at companies who need an empowering platform to increase their productivity. It also means that I’m the only new kid on the team. QuickBase has a strong staff of committed managers who’ve set strategy and delivered in the past, and they will continue to do so as we go forward.

I also know there are challenges and areas we need to improve. Our customers’ needs and expectations evolve, as do the technologies we all can leverage.  (For instance, I’m looking forward to trying QuickBase on the iPad – which I hadn’t yet done.)  Know that the whole team brings a commitment to meet or exceed your expectations.

I’m looking forward to this next journey – the challenges, successes and occasional missteps we’ll learn from as we grow. I am already enjoying working with the talented team at QuickBase. I’ll be introducing my family to the Boston area and am now anticipating the occasional New England lobster dinner.  I’m excited to hear from and meet many of you – get to know your stories, uses of the products, and ideas for our roadmap and service.  I’m honored to be asked to join a team that enables business successes – big, small and personal.

- Allison Mnookin

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