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Sep 13, 2005
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Have you started using Grid Edit yet? If not, you're missing out! Many of us on the team have gotten to the point where we start the day by bring up grid edit views on our top applications (issues lists, customer support cases, team project tasks, etc) and then just updating the appropriate records in grid edit and saving throughout the day. It makes everything so easy!

Anyway, I digress…

The main reason for my writing this is because I figured it might help people if I shared some of the keyboard shortcuts we have setup for the Grid Edit views...

- CTRL S = Save: Saves the records that have been changed since the last save. (Internet Explorer only)

- ALT-S = Save: Saves the records that have been changed since the last save. (Firefox and Netscape only)

- CTRL-D = Fill down: Copies the values in the topmost cell(s) into the selected cells below (Internet Explorer only)

- DEL = Delete: Deletes the contents of the selected cells

- CTRL-X = Cut

- CTRL-V = Paste

- CTRL-Z = Undo

A few other fun tips and tricks are the following:
- You can insert multiple blank rows at once by selecting multiple rows, right-clicking and selecting Insert Rows from the popup menu. As many rows will be inserted as are selected and if you've inserted them below a record you want to copy, you can then use "fill down" to quickly populate the new rows.
- Have you tried right clicking on row headers, on individual cells and on column headers? You should try it, like many other things in QuickBase, the "right click" menu has many helpful options available.
- Would you like a field to be required only when editing with grid edit or perhaps "read only"? If you have any special requirements like this for your grid edit view, you can create a form that has the specific fields and the "read only" and "required" settings you want. Then, you can setup a view to specifically use that form when people select Grid Edit at the top of the view by going into the Customize Forms screen and selecting the view's grid edit override.

For additional help on Grid Edit, see the grid edit help topic.

Oh yeah, one more thing...anyone else finding Grid Edit a major part of the workflow for their application? If so, we'd love to hear about it.

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