Google Maps and QuickBase

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Jan 9, 2006
2 Min Read

Hi Everyone,

I am one of the engineers on the QuickBase team and I thought I would share with you an app that I created which uses the Google Map API. Very briefly, the way I use the Google API is to store the piece of code in a QuickBase db page and reference the page using a URL formula. The formula passes in the latitude and longitude as well as some other inputs.

We are interested in finding out ...

i) if anyone has felt the need to explore integrating Google maps with QuickBase. If so, what was the need and how have you solved it?

ii) what QuickBase features do people think would be useful in the context of using Google maps.  One obvious feature that I've heard from people is to be able to provide addresses (as opposed to latitude and longitude pairs) that can be fed to the Google map API to draw the maps. To the best of my knowledge, Google does not offer this yet.

Here is the link to the QuickBase app that I have created.



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