Get Smart with your App Planning and Deployment at EMPOWER2018

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May 16, 2018
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Get Smart with your App Planning and Deployment at EMPOWER2018

Get Smart with your App Planning and Deployment at EMPOWER2018


The Smart Planning and Deployment sessions at EMPOWER2018 will help you better understand your processes and expertly plan and deploy your apps, and get your team members to adopt them. Check out what some of our speakers will be presenting about:


Engage Your Users: Collaboration Techniques For Designing Great Apps

This two-part hands-on session with Senior Solutions Engineer, Sean Padian, and Senior Interaction Designer, Lisa Sawyer, is really geared toward anyone who builds an app, no matter your skill level.  They’ll cover interviewing do’s and don’ts to uncover the real requirements of an app, as well as faster, low fidelity approaches to app design. You’ll also get the low-down about app testing to help adoption, and ideas for gathering feedback and prioritizing updates. To top it off, participants will learn best practices for a great discovery process and get to practice techniques for talking to stakeholders and end users. See you there!



Map To App: Make Your Process Improvement Dreams Come True!

Planning and preparation are often the most challenging and critical phases of app development. It can be daunting to look at diagrams and process maps and understand how to convert models to reality. In this one-hour session, we’ll discuss ways to create some of the most common workflows from diagrams. Get ready for this session with Senior Solutions Engineer, Peter Rifkin, to help you learn how to break flows into sensible parts, create transitions, streamline processes with role- and user-based dashboards and notifications, and test & implement.



App Aesthetics: Why Design Matters And Where To Actively Consider It

Sage Hiller will be leading a session on everything having to do with app aesthetics - the last 20% of what you focus your time on when building an app.  This is all about how your end users will experience the app once you’ve invited them into it.

Building an app from scratch that is intended for daily use is no small feat, and all too often, designing a fluid end-user experience is an afterthought that can become a barrier to adoption. In this session you’ll explore a native design-centric approach that will provide fuel for thought for building a Quick Base app that is both helpful and elegant – making it easier for users to extract immediate value while transforming the way they work.



See you at EMPOWER!

Many more sessions have already been announced in the Smart Planning & Deployment session track, as well as in Mastering Quick Base and Driving Strategic Growth tracks.  Come to these breakout sessions with questions and be prepared to leave with a lot of great ideas to improve your apps! If you haven’t already registered, you can do so at  We look forward to seeing you in Austin!


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