Get Real-Time Insights with Quick Base's New Mobile Experience

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Dec 6, 2017
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Get Real-Time Insights with New Mobile Experience

Get Real-Time Insights with New Mobile Experience


Nope, your calendar is right, it’s only December 6th, but it sure feels like the holidays have arrived early here at Quick Base. We’ve seen and heard your feedback (as well as voiced some feedback ourselves) and we know that it’s pinnacle to ensure that your applications are more easily accessible as end users on the move. As of November 12th, users can take advantage of powerful, customized Quick Base experiences seamlessly optimized for mobile devices, without any additional builder effort. (Perhaps you’ve already noticed the update!)

Quick Base now effortlessly translates your dashboards, reports, charts, and records to our new mobile interface which is more consistent with the desktop experience you know well. We've added support for charts, calendar reports and table navigation. Reports are now optimized for mobile with the ability to view more fields, look-up and work within records faster, and take action by clicking on information such as phone numbers and email addresses.


What Can Quick Base Users Expect from the New Mobile Experience?

To better understand these new features, let’s get “hands on” and walk through an example together. Imagine that we’re at a professional services firm that manages projects within Quick Base. As a sample project management application, let’s use an application from the Quick Base App Exchange:

While in Full Site Mode:


Quick Base Exchange


  1. First, navigate to the Quick Base App Exchange
  2. Select ‘Free apps for you’ and search for ‘Complete Project Manager’
  3. Select ‘Get This App’
  4. Enter a name for your app, and hit ‘Create’


Now, from your mobile device, if needed, select the mobile device icon on the gray menu bar to access the mobile site.


Mobile Device Icon


Upon exploring your new application on your mobile device, one of the first things you might notice on your app home page are the numerous options for new table navigation, report shortcuts, quick search and sophisticated dashboards.

Quick Search capabilities allow you to search for existing records, in this example, existing ‘projects’ and ‘tasks’ and add new records on the fly in the “Quick Add” section.


Record manager home

On the homepage, a comprehensive and customizable dashboard of all your relevant reports exists, just as it does on your desktop. Let’s take a look at the ‘Task Summary by Project’ report. We are able to see overall the number of active projects, as well as the number of tasks associated to any project.

By clicking on a value of the bar graph, we are able to quickly see that the ‘Wireless initiative’ project for example, has 3 ‘completed’ tasks, while the ‘Finance system upgrade’ has 2 tasks, one of which is ‘completed’ and one of which is ‘in progress’. By double-clicking the ‘in progress’ task, we are able to see the task record in detail and edit any of the information in the moment. By selecting the ‘more’ button, we are able to roll out additional information and see that the task is assigned to ‘Albert Cruz’. From here, we might want to call and/or email Albert in order to get an update on this ‘in progress’ task.


Tasks report

Need to see other information? By clicking on the hamburger menu and viewing your tables, you’ll notice a small pie chart next to any one of your tables.  Clicking here allows you to access your reports. Whether it be in the back of an Uber en-route to a meeting or from the comfort of your own couch at home, these reports are updated in real time, to ensure that you stay abreast of what is going on within your business, no matter what time of day.

Calendar reports on your mobile device are now available and easily accessible.  They illustrate at a high level where each of your team members are so that you can quickly get a pulse check of staff availability in your support organization to better inform escalation process protocols.



Now, let’s look at our sales department that manages prospects and customers in Quick Base. As a sample contact management application, let’s use another application from the Quick Base App Exchange. This time, let’s download the 'Simple Contact Manager' app.

Get on the app from your mobile device, and select the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner. Select ‘Customers’ and select ‘Andrew Wells’ as a record. Notice that if you select Andrew’s email address, an email template shows up, and by selecting either phone number we could directly dial Andrew through our mobile device.


Mobile view contacts Quick Base


Bookmark Tip

As a quick remember, you can always access websites with a single click by bookmarking your favorite websites to your mobile device home screen. Here’s how:


For Apple Mobile Devices:

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Navigate to your Quick Base Website
  3. Tap the ‘Action’ Button (on older IOS versions it may appear as a ‘+’)
  4. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’
  5. Edit the App Name (If you wish to do so)
  6. Click ‘Add’


For Android Mobile Devices:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Navigate to your Quick Base Website
  3. Tap on the ‘Menu’ Button
  4. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’


Impressed with the new mobile experience? We are too! To learn even more about how you can leverage the new mobile experience, join us on December 7th, at 2pm ET for our monthly release webinar.

Register here!


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