Get Endorsed for Your Skills with New Quick Base Qualification Badges

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Mar 16, 2018
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Get Endorsed for Your Skills with New Quick Base Qualification Badges


The third blog in our Certification Series, Quick Base University’s Peter Goldstein talks about a new program that lets you earn Qualification Badges as you learn about the Quick Base platform.

With all the personal and professional advantages that Quick Base certification brings, it’s certainly an asset worth aspiring to on your educational journey. And Quick Base University can help you get there. We offer something for everyone who builds and uses Quick Base tools—whether you’re just getting started, in the middle of creating an app and want to quickly learn how to add specific functionality, or preparing for full certification.

The latest offering in our expanding roster of educational and profile-raising opportunities is our Qualification Badge program. It’s intended to foster continued learning and is designed to fit conveniently into your schedule, with each course broken down into individual components that can be consumed as you have time. Taking advantage of the program will help you:

  • Better understand and leverage the Quick Base platform and what it can do.
  • Increase app building capabilities and confidence by broadening your skill set.
  • Get verifiable credentials for completing training in specific areas of study.

All can be great catalysts for higher job satisfaction and professional advancement in the form of interesting new projects, more recognition, promotions, and greater marketability.

The Qualification Badge program, as we continue to roll it out, will center around different subsets of training found in our more comprehensive and exam-based Quick Base App Builder, Expert App Builder, and Combined Builder/Expert Certification programs. It will offer an incremental way to promote your new app building skills and endorse your problem-solving value, as well as help you gain the level of expertise needed for certification.


What Qualification Badges are now available?

Currently there are two Qualification Badges in the program: Quick Base User and Account Admin. Several more badges are on the way to recognize skills in reporting and notifications & subscriptions.

If you’re a new app builder, the Quick Base User Qualification Badge will help you get onboard fast. To earn it, you must complete the following series of courses:

If you’re currently managing your Quick Base account, or planning to take on this role, this coursework is for you. To earn the Quick Base Account Admin Qualification Badge, you must complete the following two courses:

To claim a badge, you must register for the related Qualification Badge course. An automatic check will confirm that all prerequisites courses are completed, and once they are, the badge will be issued immediately (no exam required). A confirmation and link to your badge will be sent to your email address. And just like Certification Badges, Qualification Badges can be printed, downloaded, and shared on social media such as LinkedIn. You can also access your badges within your Quick Base University profile.


Verifiable credentials: your ticket to advancement

Whether you earn badges as an employee, vendor, or client, having verifiable credentials these days is becoming an industry standard (as seen, for example, with Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, and Adobe badging programs). Quick Base University is answering the call to help our community promote their skills and expertise by endorsing Qualification Badges and Certification programs of our own.

Quick Base University eLearning courses, including the Qualification Badge program, are included in your Quick Base subscription. Those who sign up for a 30 day trial can also take advantage of Quick Base University training to earn both Quick Base User and Account Admin Badges.

Learn more here and set your career course for business innovation.

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