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G2 Names Quickbase Leader in Multiple Categories for Winter 2022

Written By: Matt Lieberson
December 22, 2021
3 min read

In the low code market, there is no greater validation than hearing about the success of your customers. That is why we are so excited to share that Quickbase was named a Leader in G2’s 2022 Winter Awards. Quickbase was named a leader and an enterprise low code leader in multiple categories, including in low-code development platforms and digital process automation (also known as robotic process automation), and rapid application development. We are incredibly thankful to our customers, from small businesses to large enterprises, who are constantly pushing our product forward and showing us the power of low-code development every day.

Here are some of the key facets that teams and organizations are looking for when they determine the right low-code development platform for their needs– and why they see Quickbase as one of these top enterprise low code application platforms.

Tracking data across systems

Accessing and leveraging data across core systems is critical for teams who have data in multiple different siloes. In fact, IDG found in their recent MarketPulse survey that in determining the right software tools for business-led low code application development, 51% of IT leaders and 54% of line of business users said that the ability to integrate data from multiple sources and platforms is critical to their digital transformation efforts. One IT administrator shared just how valuable that has been for business stakeholders across the organization:

“The ability to have custom low code apps for each department and then be able to share data between those apps has been instrumental for our executive team to see progress and understand where the business stands. We are able to create quick custom reports so they have the data they need to make decisions.”

Eliminating manual processes

Manual business processes can be a major hang-up for organizations trying to activate on data and incorporate automation into their work. With processes and information stuck in offline systems, organizations can be much more prone to mistakes and information being lost across teams. Functions such as sourcing and procurement are seeing the ways that enterprise low-code platforms can remove these challenges.

With a myriad of processes that can be candidates for automation, finding ways to bring a top low-code platform aboard like Quickbase becomes an organizational priority. Eric T, a quality review specialist, sees this in his work:

“Better than using Excel spreadsheets for having multiple users involved in entering, editing, and deleting data for our clients and internal employees. We use it for a lot of things and will continue to utilize it for many more going forward. Great platform which can be useful for all companies.”

Bringing solutions to action quickly

When the business world is rapidly changing, especially over the past year, the ability to adapt and adjust on the fly can make or break your organization. The best organizations are embracing operational agility – the ability of an organization to flex and adapt to constantly changing requirements brought on by changing business needs and turbulence. Transforming your systems, processes, and workflows – such as adding the right low code platform– can allow you to create new solutions for complex processes with speed.

Tomas D from a small business has leveraged this speed to value that the low-code development process with Quickbase offers:

“It allows you to quickly turn ideas into custom applications so they can be more efficient, informed and productive. You can automate workflows and generate fast, flexible and unlimited reports to carry out projects.”

Being an enterprise low-code leader

Ultimately, to be a leading enterprise low-code platform takes a community of citizen developers that are leveraging all of the capabilities that low-code has to offer - building enterprise applications and driving success for mission critical initiatives.

Looking for more reviews? Check out our full G2 page here to see what customers are saying about Quickbase as a low-code leader .

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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