From Spreadsheets to Strategy: How to be More Than Just a Number Cruncher in 2018

Dec 27, 2017
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From Spreadsheets to Strategy: How to be More Than Just a Number Cruncher in 2018

From Spreadsheets to Strategy: How to be More Than Just a Number Cruncher in 2018


We understand the tremendous demands you face on a day-to-day basis as a financial professional. You’re under constant pressure to get things done on time; to find places where your organization can save money; and report the numbers with stellar accuracy.

What’s different today is a widespread expectation that actionable information on business performance and operations should be available instantaneously, in real-time.


Relentless pressure makes number crunching harder

The demand for real-time, actionable data has a number of drivers. The digitization of business means that data is (or should be) available faster than it was in the past. Digitization also means that there are a lot more numbers around to crunch. Then there’s the fact that the business world has become faster paced, more dynamic, and more volatile. Today’s businesses must be able to analyze and react to complex situations on the fly. And that means significantly more pressure on financial professionals.

Satisfying the “instant analysis” expectation is difficult when much of your job relies on manual processes, including collecting and manipulating data from an increasing number of spreadsheets. What was once a manageable and orderly process is now significantly more time-consuming and complex, making it difficult to do the job without logging in even more hours.


Less time to focus on business challenges and opportunities

On the hook for more frequent reporting and analysis, and unable to get out from under all that number-crunching, leaves you with less time in the day for strategic planning.

That is exactly where the financial professionals we know tell us they would like to spend more of their time. They know the ability to drive timely, strategic insights can not only make a big difference in accelerating company growth and profitability, but it’s also good for professional advancement.


Career advice for 2018: make automation your game changer

The good news is that today’s technology makes it possible for you to move beyond number-crunching. Routine processes can be automated, and the old combination of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls can be replaced with a more efficient, effective, and agile way of doing business. You’ll no long need to spend time on the more transactional and data-gathering elements of your job, which frees you up for more analysis and the ability to uncover valuable and timely business insights.

Such was the case of one Quick Base user who automated time-consuming manual processes related to variable sales compensation processes. Once freed from the number crunching that made for very long workdays, he was able to turn his attention to helping his company find the right balance between growth and operational efficiency. Along the way, his job description changed and his career advanced.


A winning hand for all

Automating your financial processes has clear and proven benefits. Companies that automate cut costs, reduce errors, and save time. Leveraging the advantages of automation can also help put your career on a more strategic path. Find out how by downloading our new eBook, From Frustrated to Automated: 5 Steps to a Radically Efficient Finance Team.



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