From Fighting Fires to Delivering Awesome QuickBase Apps

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Mar 30, 2015
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Photo of Mariano Santiago

Photo of Mariano SantiagoAt Intuit QuickBase, our customers are our heroes. We periodically feature profiles of amazing customers here to demonstrate what can happen when the right people find the right technology.

Mariano Santiago was perfectly suited for his role in technology and operations at Zadok Technologies, a provider of professional services to the oil & gas industry. As a firefighter and EMT, he learned to focus in high-pressure situations. As a computer buff who started coding in Pascal as a kid, he learned the power of technology to shape the way work gets done.

Santiago found Intuit QuickBase when his company's fast growth started to outpace its ability to track things with manual processes and static spreadsheets.

"We were growing quickly and there was no standard way of doing things. Many people were using spreadsheets, which was just not efficient," says Santiago.

Knowing that standardized processes are key to scaling any organization, Santiago set out to find a software system that would enable his company to reach the next level.

"Around a year and a half ago, we started looking for operations software that fit our budget and our needs. I researched a lot of different products. When I got to QuickBase and did a free trial, I saw how easy it was," says Santiago.

Santiago started by building a project management app in QuickBase to better track time cards, assignments, and project status. From there, he developed his app to include HR, safety, operations, sales, IT, and other key business areas. In fact, Santiago says, only the company's accounting is done through a different application (QuickBooks).

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Asked about the benefits of the new system, Santiago says you "can't really compare" the company's current practices with the manual process and tracking it previously used. Not only are projects moving faster than ever, but all team members are automatically informed when tasks or projects are finished.

Thanks to Santiago's efforts, Zadok is able to deliver to its customers more efficiently and accurately than ever. For him, though, the real rewards are a feeling of pride and satisfaction in his work.

"For me, personally, making my coworkers' jobs easier and seeing the whole company grow is the most rewarding thing."

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