Four Trends That Will Change The Way We Do Business — Forever

Jul 7, 2015
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[caption id="attachment_29216" align="alignleft" width="200"]Photo of Allison MnookinAllison Mnookin, VP & General Manager, Intuit QuickBase[/caption]

Today’s business world is defined by rapid change. Speed and agility are increasingly the hallmarks of successful companies, and more and more the people driving transformative improvements are empowered and resourceful workers.

At the EMPOWER 2015 conference in Chicago last month Intuit QuickBase VP & General Manager Allison Mnookin shared the four trends that are driving the future of businesses large and small, and how QuickBase — a low-code platform for building, customizing, and connecting business apps — is enabling the next generation of successful businesses.

The four trends Mnookin addressed in her keynote are:

1. Digital Transformation

The empowering muscle of digital technology allows us to rethink and redesign industrial-age processes. Because of this, consumer and business behaviors are evolving before our eyes — witness how companies like Pizza Hut and Tesla Motors think and act more like software companies than retailers or manufacturers. 61% of enterprise buyers say digital technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses will operate.

Take Metso for example. This 16,000-person multinational manufacturing company consolidated 75 order management business processes into one streamlined suite of apps built on the QuickBase platform. The result was an immediate savings of $1 million in operational efficiency.

Metso Drives Efficient Manufacturing Operations with Intuit QuickBase

2. Citizen Developers

Icon for citizen developerAdvances in technology have bridged the gap between those who use technology and those who build it. Citizen developers are professionals who make their own IT decisions and build their own business applications outside of their regular work responsibilities.

In companies of every size, empowered citizen developers are solving their own problems. According to a recent IBM study, 80% of leading enterprises are forging partnerships with citizen developers to close the gap in application development and accelerate their speed to solution.

At Patra Corporation, a fast-growing provider of back-office services to the insurance industry, the power of citizen developers is baked into its business model. To deliver highly customized solutions to its clients quickly, Patra employees build and customize their own QuickBase apps to suit a client’s specific needs and roll those apps out rapidly — often in less than half an hour. The result is that Patra Corporation can deliver high-quality service at much greater scale than ever.

Patra Scales Outsourcing Practice with Intuit QuickBase

3. Democratization of IT

icon for Democratization of ITCitizen developers plus advances in technology systems have led to a democratization of IT, in which central IT departments clear their backlog of projects by empowering business users to find their own solutions. At companies across the world, Centers of Excellence and other functions push for operational excellence by giving business professionals the tools they need.

At Ceva Santé Animale, the IT department built an internal app store (featuring more than 120 QuickBase apps) that enable business users to shop for, request, and customize technology solutions that get them the results they need. Ceva CIO François Tricot says his department is typically able to deliver business solutions in a matter of days or weeks — a far cry from the months of development work required for traditional IT solutions. The result was a reduction in overall IT spending by 30%.

Ceva Reduces IT Spending 30% by Going “Beyond the Cloud”

4. Innovation by Integration

Icon for innovation by integrationThe emergence of cloud solutions that can be connected via APIs has opened the door to massive innovation. Platforms that enable systems to seamlessly talk and work with each other are bridging gaps created by silos of information in the cloud. In turn, companies are reaping the rewards of scaled automation across multiple processes, teams, and geographic sites.

At OMS Photography, the benefits of innovation by integration were as profound as they were immediate. By connecting its project management system (built on Intuit QuickBase) with its accounting system (QuickBooks Online), OMS Photography can quickly run reports that show the profitability of each project in real-time. This enables them to make split-second decisions that affect the short term (capping spending on a particular project) and the long term (adjusting pricing models to ensure future profitability).

OMS Photo Gets the Big Picture with QuickBase Sync

How QuickBase Is Enabling the Future

Intuit QuickBase is perfectly suited for the future. As a low-code platform that enables business professionals to build, modify, and connect apps quickly, QuickBase serves citizen developers and leading IT teams by supporting rapid rollouts of perfectly customized solutions. Innovations like QuickBase Sync — a built-in feature that enables users to connect to other popular cloud solutions in just a few clicks — show that we are at the forefront of making next-generation innovation a reality.

Our vision for Intuit QuickBase is to give you and your teams more time, increased speed and agility, and better insights to help you run your organizations. Together, we can effect digital transformation on a scale previously unimaginable.

Watch the full keynote here:

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