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Four Reasons to Attend Empower 2023

Written By: Matt Lieberson
April 27, 2023
3 min read

Quickbase’s Empower conference is packed with thoughtful, engaging insights to help you streamline processes and increase productivity in 2023. This free, four-hour event builds on the energy of Empowers of the past – bringing the Quickbase community together to solve their most complex projects, showing the upcoming innovations in Quickbase’s product, and focusing on the innovating solutions that can bring your people and systems closer together.

Here are four ways you can get the most out of your Empower experience on June 7:

Hear from Quickbase’s leaders and experts

Looking to learn more about Quickbase? Hear from CEO Ed Jennings and SVP of Product Debbi Roberts, about how to bring your systems and people together – and how Quickbase’s product is continuing to innovate in support of that mission. You will also hear about the upcoming innovations in the product, and hear about the amazing community of Quickbase customers, partners, and leaders that you can tap into to achieve your business goals.

Learn about key industries from Quickbase customers

The truest experts on Quickbase and the impact it can have at your organization? That would be Quickbase’s customers – the people solving their complex challenges every day. Hear from companies like Comcast, PwC, Baptist Health Systems, and more to see how customers out in the world are bringing together their people and data to work more effectively. You’ll also hear breakdowns of industries that are consistently seeing challenging projects on a regular basis, such as construction and retail brick-and-mortar.

“I love the breakout sessions at Empower most of all,” said Tyler Kipps, Director of Data Services at PSL Group. “I’ve learned so much over the years hearing and seeing how other customers are using and interacting with Quickbase.”

Gain new insights on how to use Quickbase

If you want to get more out of Quickbase for your team and up your expertise on the platform, Empower has you covered. From basic information on where to start when you log in and guidance on product features like Pipelines, Dashboards, and Forms, to advanced topics like app structure and processing large datasets, Quickbase’s product and development teams are here to bring your Quickbase knowledge to the next level. Learn the tips and tricks you need to bring back to your team and better manage your most complex projects.

"I love to attend Empower to hear about new features, learn new functions and use cases, and of course - to just have fun,” added Katlyn Allen, Junior Software Developer for Jack’s Family Restaurants. “I’ve heard a lot of interesting stories from other users."

Choose your path – and do it in just four hours

Empower 2023 is designed to fit with how you work. In just four hours, you can choose the sessions that best fit your needs and interests. With over 50 sessions across industries, skill levels, and formats, you can build the Empower experience that best works for you. Not sure where to start? Our full agenda has paths that you can follow to plan how to get the most out of this conference – and how to make your complex projects simple, together.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.


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