Surf’s Up! QuickBase Placed in Inaugural Forrester Wave for Low-Code Platforms

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Apr 14, 2016
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Forrester releases report on a new, high growth low-code application development market featuring the “14 Providers That Matter Most”

Today is an exciting and important milestone for QuickBase, Inc. as we have been placed in the inaugural Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016. We’re thrilled QuickBase has been named a Contender and view the report as a validation of the market opportunity as well as our specific approach of providing  a leading low-code application platform purpose built for Citizen Development.

Our placement also formally recognizes QuickBase as a major Enterprise IT application platform provider.

Make no mistake, the bar for making this inaugural Forrester Wave was high. In fact, 42 vendors were included in a January 2016 Forrester Low Code Vendor Landscape report, which is a snapshot of the entire broad market of relevant vendors. And only 14 of those 42 vendors cleared the bar to be included in the inaugural Forrester Wave.

We’re also celebrated for our strength in Enabling Unified Citizen Development.

In a previous report, Forrester positioned QuickBase as part of the “Database” segment of the low-code platform market and we are one of only two vendors from that category to make the Wave (out of 9 total). This is notable for us as Forrester has identified the “Database” segment as having “the greatest potential to empower non-developers.”[i]

However, the indication that we enable unified citizen development is even more critical to our strategy. We are not singularly focused on the pro developer or “Coder” persona like the other vendors in this Wave. Our customers have already been innovating and disrupting their industries by unlocking the power of joint, unified application development between IT and the business. Combined with the notion that QuickBase has now been selected amongst the top low-code platforms in the world for application development and delivery pros represents an important milestone. As our customers look to take Citizen Development to the next level for more use cases and more mission critical applications they will be in the driver’s seat to create even greater disruption and competitive advantage.

So with this announcement, we are even more determined to execute our vision to be the world’s leading platform provider for modern, unified application development that accelerates disruptive, digital transformation from the front lines. While we have innovated for years in the areas of user design and user experience to empower game changing no-code Citizen Developer adoption, QuickBase is also a platform Enterprise IT organizations can trust and confidently deploy in unison with their business counterparts. Whether IT’s role is significant, such as building the entire first version of the app, or more secondary, such as ensuring proper authentication and integration to existing systems, we offer a unified approach to modern app development on a spectrum that fits your particular requirements. While not every single application or use case is a fit for this approach, there are pockets of applications in every organization that are great candidates for unlocking the benefits of Citizen Development.

It’s this modern approach where both IT developers and Citizen Developers each play to their skills and strengths in a joint application development process. Forrester highlights this point in  the Wave stating, “QuickBase straddles citizen and pro developers.”[ii] In other words it’s goodbye rogue IT, and hello unification…

We agree! 

Forrester notes, “QuickBase also has value for professional developers focused on rapid application delivery, particularly for data-tracking, -gathering, and -reporting applications.” Forrester then goes on to add, “QuickBase has strong security controls, a clean, straightforward development experience, an active app store, and strong reporting and dashboard features." [ii]


On the other hand, many of the vendors that dot this Wave do offer a singular focus, which is a fast growing segment in its own right. But it’s a much different approach. Whether it’s Appian, Caspio, Mendix, OutSystems, Salesforce, or ServiceNow, the primary user of their platform is a Professional Developer or Coder. These Coders are often highly skilled in C++, Java, PHP or a handful of other languages. Ultimately, they are highly paid, and hard to find resources, which is a big part of the reason there is an application crisis today. Our approach attacks the core problem differently. By definition, Citizen Developers are more plentiful, lower cost, and understand their business processes and requirements better than anyone. Herein lies the magic behind the ROI of QuickBase as a unified development platform for business and IT, where customers are redefining and disrupting their industries to win.

With the publication of this Wave report, we are delighted that Forrester considers QuickBase to be an Enterprise grade platform that IT Pros can be confident deploying. And we are more committed than ever to helping our customers execute their vision of a modern, unified process for application development that dispels the notion of rogue IT and celebrates the business value generated by unification.

For more details on how customers leveraged a Low-Code platform for Citizen Development to achieve a 260% ROI and payback period of only 6 months with QuickBase, read the full Forrester Total Economic Impact study.


[i] Jan. 2016 Forrester Research, Inc., Vendor Landscape: The Fractured, Fertile Terrain Of Low-Code Application Platforms (pg 11)
[ii] April 2016 Forrester Research, Inc., Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016


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