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Forrester Recognizes Quickbase for "Seeking to Revolutionize Enterprise Development"

Written By: Jay Jamison
June 20, 2019
3 min read

The low-code market is revolutionizing the way businesses approach digital transformation, speeding it up and pushing it further into processes it hasn’t touched before. We’re proud to play a role in leading that revolution.

Forrester has recognized Quickbase as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q2 2019. As a leader in this fast-growing market, we are committed to providing an enterprise-grade strategic platform that is built to make it easier for business developers to create applications – while still providing a powerful, integrated and secure platform modern IT organizations require.

Through an exhaustive evaluation of vendors in this market Forrester identified 12 of the most significant enterprise low-code platforms based on 30 distinct and comprehensive criteria.

Quickbase is recognized for, “seeking to revolutionize enterprise development,” with “many enterprise use cases,” and customers who “build apps at scale they can’t live without.” While we’re thrilled with that recognition of our approach, we’re even more excited to see organizations beginning to adopt Quickbase at scale to pioneer a new and better way to develop business software.

The Automation Revolution

Increased customer and employee demands are pushing companies to digitize and automate every process throughout their organizations. This latest research from Forrester highlights that, “digital businesses’ demand for ever more automation, ever more quickly, requires more minds and hands producing applications.”

But, as demands increase, the shortage of pro-developers and rising cost to hire them is putting a tremendous pressure on CIOs who are falling further behind in delivering innovative solutions to the business.

Low-code application development is propelling companies through this digital transformation faster, breaking down data barriers and putting development at the hands of more people.

Enabling Problem-Solvers

A growing number of innovative CIOs are enabling technically-savvy workers with low-code platforms to safely, securely take on development work for the processes they know best, allowing business experts to play an active role in transforming their organization.

Low-code platforms empower problem-solvers closest to the work to reliably build fully functional, business-critical applications that don’t burden IT with maintenance requirements and fit within the guiderails of established information systems governance policies.

“AD&D [IT] support and governance are also crucial for allowing business developers to contribute meaningfully to their firms’ software strategies,” reported Forrester in the report.

The Quickbase Difference

Quickbase received among the highest scores for the following evaluation criteria—tooling for app development; vision and strategy; and training, support, community, and marketplace.

Quickbase was noted in the report for our “aggressive and well-researched” strategy and vision, and “strong investments in its customer community and learning materials.” We are steadfast in our commitment to our community to provide the best product and tools for them to be successful.

Our platform was also recognized for its, “excellent startup experience, as well as strong UI development and database design and development tooling,” and our customers gave, “high marks for database and security features, app management, and UX development.”

We are enabling our customers to empower their citizen developers to quickly and easily build powerful business applications—allowing IT to function as a strategic partner and align with the business on high-impact goals.

We believe that this recognition reaffirms that we are the leading choice for CIOs and IT leaders to meet the constantly growing automation demands of their digital enterprise. The world’s most successful businesses are seeing the value of a new way to build business applications, and we are proud to be leading the pack in this fast-growing market.

Written By: Jay Jamison

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