Forget New Year’s Resolutions: Here Are Five Effective Steps To Get Your Business On Track for 2011

The end — and the beginning — of the year are normally reflective times for business leaders. Most of you will spend some time thinking about what happened during the year that just past and setting goals for the future. It is an admirable activity.

But sometimes leaders get so wrapped up in the activity, they forget the important part — action (aka Getting Things Done). It’s the action that will make things happen. So don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis or making New Years resolutions and let this opportunity pass you by.

Here are five key steps you need to take to move forward into 2011.

1. Where Are We Now?

You’ll want to take a look at what has happened to date and who your company has been serving before you move ahead. Keep the stuff that works and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t. That includes toxic customers.

2. What Didn’t Work So Well and Why?

You don’t want to continue doing things that aren’t working well for your business, so you need to take a look at what those are and remove the barriers to success. If the barriers can’t be removed, can the idea and move on.

3. Where Do We Want To Be?

You need to define what your future looks like so you can take the right steps to reach it. You should also define who might be competing for your piece of the business pie.

4. What Are Your Goals?

You want to define what you want to achieve (that includes those things you’ve only been dreaming about). Take what you learned from steps 1 – 3 above and set some objectives.

5. Create Your Road Map for Success

It’s much easier to achieve success if you have the steps broken down into bite-sized pieces. Define just what action you will take to ultimately reach your goals you defined in step four.

So there you go! Take five days to complete the steps above and you’ll have an action plan to move forward with. Keep it visible and track your goals so you know when to celebrate success and what adjustments you need to make along the way.

What has worked for you in the past? Please leave a comment.

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  • Anonymous

    Great suggestions, Denise. So many businesses skip over these questions, particularly if things are going relatively well.

  • Thanks Alexandra. That’s one of the reasons so many companies ran into trouble when the economy went sour. They never took the time to get rid of the stuff that didn’t matter or didn’t work anymore. They can carry that baggage when times are good (even though it’s a crazy thing to do), but when it’s lean that’s a whole different story.