First QuickBase Customer Video

Check it out! Our first customer video has been posted to the customer section of our website.

When Memento Press was first starting out, spreadsheets and other clipboard solutions worked just fine for them. As they grew, the clipboards stopped working and they needed a better way to manage their customer and order information.

With QuickBase, now Memento employees know they are all working with the same customer data. And communication has improved between the different production, design and marketing locations.

Josh Litwin, CEO of Memento Press is happy to report that tools like QuickBase have helped him increase sales 500% without having to increase headcount. Now that’s impressive!

Watch the Memento Press video on the QuickBase website or link through to this YouTube video to learn more about the services Memento Press provides.

I love when our customers can quantify their success with QuickBase! How much time or money have you saved by using QuickBase?

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