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Oct 28, 2013
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If you’ve ever thought there must be a better way to solve a particular business challenge, you’re not alone. To many business professionals, building a productivity app that suits their needs can feel like reinventing the wheel.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce QuickBase Exchange, the place where business professionals find and share useful QuickBase apps built and reviewed by their peers. In the Exchange you can quickly find an app that suits your specific industry, functional, or role-based needs.

The power of community

Our goal is to enable users to create more powerful and meaningful solutions faster than ever. After months of intense dreaming, researching, validating, prototyping, coding, and testing, the Exchange is ready for action.

Whether you’re building your first app or are an experienced builder, the Exchange gives you instant access to ready-to-use solutions built by your peers. User ratings and reviews steer you to the best option for you and your team. Once you find an app, you can use it as-is or tailor it to your exact needs with point-and-click tools — no coding required.

Built an app you’re proud of? Share it to the Exchange! You’ll be giving back to the community and helping others find their solution faster.

Here is how Robert benefits from ready-to-use apps in QuickBase:

"QuickBase lets you get started quickly with numerous out-of-the-box business apps. It's much easier to solve a problem if someone has already done most of the work. On many occasions, we thought up a concept and then realized that there was already an app available that solved 75-80% of our needs. We were then able to quickly customize this app to fit our specific needs. It was simple to add fields, modify forms, and otherwise tailor the app for our business."

~ Robert B. Goodman, PMP, Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Georgetown University

Finding Business Apps

Discovering the right solution for your use case, function, or industry is easy with powerful keyword and tag searches or category browsing. Narrow your search even further by sorting by most popular or highest rated apps, author, and more. The app pod and detail view provide the key information to help you decide if you’ve found the right app. From app description to table icons, screenshots, and user ratings and reviews – it’s all at your fingertips without the need to download the app first.

Sharing Business Apps

Sharing your apps with the QuickBase community of app builders is a simple 4-step process.  A step-by-step guide with built-in tips will help you present your app in the best possible light. Don’t worry — we automatically remove the data in your app before you share it to the Exchange. So your sensitive information is protected and out of the Exchange. Once you’ve shared your app, users will see your public profile and key app stats. This is how the Exchange captures your impact on others and begins building your reputation as a savvy business professional and app builder.

How to Get Started

Curious about what others are doing with QuickBase in your role or industry? Start with the Exchange today: find an app that’s right for you and let your team become dramatically more productive when collaborating on data, projects, and workflows.

To learn more about the Exchange or the other new features in the latest QuickBase release, check out these helpful resources:

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