February Release - User Customization and Conditional Dropdowns

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Feb 17, 2009
3 Min Read

Product release scheduled for Saturday, February 21 at 8am EST

I wanted to take a moment and let the QuickBase community know about some of the new features that will be coming out with the February product release scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 21 at 8am.

"Reports" tab gets renamed "Home" tab

It's more than just a new name. Our product team has added features that allow users to customize this new page even more.  Now, in addition to adding your favorite reports you can also add free-form text boxes on your Home tab. You could use the boxes to add a quick list of favorite links, to-do lists, or even embed html, scripts, RSS or images from other websites. It's like having the features your come to love about application dashboards right on your Home tab.

Conditional Dropdowns

For advanced users "conditional dropdowns" provide a new tool for improving usability and simplifying data entry. Application builders can now filter a dropdown choice by leveraging relationships. For example, if you have a long list of Cities, you can set it up so that the user selects the Country first, then the City dropdown is filtered by that Country. This is a popular request from our users and I know this feature will make the lives of app builders easier in a bunch of ways. Enjoy!

Still thirsty?

I'll be posting some screen shots and links to support pages over the next couple of days. Those resources should give you a better sense of how these changes will allow you to get more out of QuickBase.

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