February 2018 Release Notes

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Feb 15, 2018
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This month, we’re simplifying how you use and share information in Quick Base with new calendar reports. We’re also adding new features for realm admins: user session management and early access for audit logs of all logins. This release also includes the ability to edit individual user info from the new Manage All Users page, real-time error checking for all formula types on an opt-in basis, a beta of an updated Zapier connector, and more.

The February release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed in these release notes, is available starting Sunday, February 25, 2018.


New Calendar Reports Simplify Using and Sharing Information

Use and share information more easily with our new calendar reports that feature daily and weekly views, double-clicking to add events, editing events via drag and drop, color-coding for events, and more.

The new calendars were introduced in the December 2017 release to customers who opted in. We added enhancements based on feedback, and the new calendar format will take the place of existing calendars starting on February 25, 2018. Existing calendar reports will display the same data, but in the new format.

Daily, weekly, and expanded monthly views

Manage and report on your events and tasks more easily with daily and weekly views. Switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views via tabs. The last view you used will display by default the next time you open the calendar report.

Sample daily view:
Calendar Day View with Colors


Sample weekly view:Calendar Week View with Colors


Sample monthly view:Calendar Month View with Colors

Manage events in calendar view

Now you can manage your events directly in the calendar view. Double-click to add a new event. In the monthly and weekly views, drag and drop events to change the day. In the weekly and daily views, click and drag the top of the event to change start time or click and drag the bottom of event to change duration.

Note: Since dragging/resizing updates the field values of the start and end fields selected for the calendar, if either of these fields is not editable (e.g. a formula field), the drag and drop will not be enabled for that calendar report.

First day of the week setting

Now, calendar events reflect your app setting for the first day of the week. For example, if you specify in App Properties that Monday is the first day of the week, starting after the release on February 25, 2018, all the calendar reports in your app will show Monday as the first day of each week. (Previously, this setting was primarily used for Work Date formulas, and calendars defaulted to Sunday as the first day).

You can also customize the first day of the week on a per- report basis, and have a different first day of the week for every calendar report you create.

Events ending at midnight

New calendars will correctly display events that end at 12:00 Midnight. For example, if you have an event that starts on February 9 at 9 am and ends on February 12 at 12:00 Midnight, the new calendars will show that event from February 9-11. (The old calendar format displayed this event going from February 9-12, inclusive.)

Work Dates and weekends

New calendars will correctly display multi-day events based on a Work Date field that includes a weekend. An event that runs from Friday to Monday will display as a continuous 4-day event running through the weekend. (The old calendar format displayed this as two events, one on Friday, one on Monday).

Color-coding events

Now you can color-code events so you can tell at a glance what types of upcoming events or tasks you have. In the calendar report builder, add a formula under the new color-coding section.

Here’s a sample formula you can cut and paste and edit as needed:

Case ([Priority], “High”, “red”, “Medium”, “orange”, “Low”, “yellow”)

Notes on color-coding:

  • If you choose a dark color, text for events will be white, and if you choose a light color, text for events will be black. Events with a very light color will have a thin border for added visibility. We recommend against using white as a background color.
  • If you previously added color to calendar events using a Formula - Rich Text field with a div or span selected as the second or third field, the color(s) may not display on the new calendar. The new calendar uses a formula to define colors for the entire event.


Emailed calendar reports will now send a report of the events currently visible to the sender. Calendar report subscription emails will include a report containing all of the events in the month specified by the “Initial month to display” report setting.

Simplified settings

We have simplified the following settings for the new calendars:

  • We removed an unnecessary option to display calendar items as text only, as it created a confusing experience for end users. If your calendars are set to use “text only” events, those events will display as a link to view the record.
  • New calendars will not support the ability to hide weekend days

Note: The new calendars will not display on home pages created before the current drag and drop home page builder was launched in 2013. If you cannot view your calendar from your home page, you may need to re-build your home page. Also, if the home page you rebuild is not the default for your app, you will need to go to your Roles settings and re-assign the home page to the appropriate role(s). For more about how to build home pages, view our

Customizing Home Pages video.

Manage User Sessions

Realm admins can now have visibility into how many active sessions users have open at once. From the new Sessions tab on the User Info panel, realm admins can view all the active user sessions for a given user, including the IP address, operating system, browser, and start time/end time. Admins will also have the ability to close any or all sessions for a given user, providing a valuable security benefit. To close session(s), select the session(s), click the Close sessions link, then click Yes to confirm.

The ability for admins to view and manage user sessions, combined with the ability (released last month) to configure the maximum number of active sessions per user, provides a powerful tool for managing your Quick Base realm.


Edit your users’ information directly in the new User Info panel

The new Manage All Users page provides a panel to view and edit key information for each user. Now you can edit a user’s first name, last name, email address, and username directly in the Settings tab of this panel. Permissions to edit this information have not changed – the user must be “In company” for your realm.

You can also edit the following information:

  • Access Status
  • Permissions for
    • admin, including whether the admin is support level or full management, and whether the user will receive security Q&A reset requests
    • to create apps
    • Realm Approved

In addition, you can view the following read-only information:

  • Registration status (registered, unregistered, unverified)
  • In your company
  • Realm admin
  • Super user
  • External Authentication ID (if applicable)

Note: To simplify the user experience, the new Manage All Users interface no longer displays information on deactivated users. You can still manage deactivate users  through the Manage Billing Account page.

And in the works…

From time to time, we add a new feature to Quick Base that we are beta testing. This feature is not part of our active code, but can be turned on for certain customers who are a good fit for our testing.

Audit logs allow realm admins to gain greater visibility into how users access their apps and the types of changes that are made to data and structure within those apps to ensure they comply with their organization’s security standards and corporate compliance policies. This month, we are beginning to test audit logs for all logins.

The audit logs will have 6 months of data retention. In early access, admins will be able to view the last 7 days of audit log information in the user interface and download the rest.

If you are interested in early access to this feature, email [email protected].


Ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Quick Base is committed to enterprise-grade security and continuously promotes security across all aspects of our service. As part of this effort, we are ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 browsers on March 31st, 2018. These browser versions, not supported by Microsoft, pose increasing security risks to their users and organizations.

You will still be able to access Quick Base with Internet Explorer 9 and 10. However, the latest technologies used in building new Quick Base features will not be supported by these browser versions. It is likely that, over time, your product experience will become unpredictable and inconsistent.

Accessing Quick Base with supported browser versions means improved security and ability to take full advantage of the latest and greatest Quick Base features and enhancements.

For more information, click here.


Updated Zapier Connector: Beta

Quick Base is working with Zapier to update our connector on their platform. Zapier’s no-code platform lets you integrate Quick Base with more than 1,000 other applications without needing a developer. With this update, you can create more powerful and secure integrations more quickly with support for query criteria on the record-created action and advanced actions like “Find & Update” or “Create.”

To participate in the beta program to this new connector:

  • Log in to Zapier (https://zapier.com/app/login)
  • Fill out the intake form and you will be sent the new Quick Base connector for Zapier.
  • Build a new Zap using the connector, or use it in an existing app. Please note that you will need to use the connector marked “Beta” instead of the current one marked “Premium.” See below for an example.
  • Turn your Zap on (here’s how) and leave it running.

If you have any questions, Zapier provides resources to help you get started.

Note: Zapier is a third-party integration service. To use the Quick Base connector, you will need a separate account through Zapier.


Opt-In: Create all types of formulas more efficiently with real-time error checking

Last month, we released real-time error checking for Date formulas; now, we’ve expanded this feature to all formula types. App builders creating all types of formulas can opt-in to real-time error tracking for formulas. With this feature, there’s no need to write the whole formula and then save it. You can see if each line of a formula is correctly formatted as you enter it; click the icon to view specific error messages.

Real-time error checking now includes highlighting of specified variables in color and auto-suggestions for correcting formula errors.

As of February 25, 2018, you can opt in to the new real-time error checking for all formula types by opening a support case. Our care team will turn on the feature in your realm.

View real-time error checking in action:

[video width="928" height="209" mp4="https://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/animated_GIF_date_formula.mp4"][/video]

Note: Real-time error-checking is not yet available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers.

New in Quick Base University

We added new and updated content to Quick Base University as well as new Qualification Badges and an extended deadline for certifications.

New and Updated Courses

  • Updated: Fundamental – FF09 Customizing App and Table Home Pages
  • Updated: Best Practices – Planning Your App
  • Updated: Best Practices – Mapping Your Business Process
  • New: Model Your Application – A Solid Foundation

New Qualification Badges
To recognize your efforts to develop your Quick Base skills in key areas, we are releasing a series of badges that can be earned by completing a grouping of training courses. Two badges are being released to kick off the series:

  • Quick Base User Qualification Badge – Awarded upon successful completion of the Orientation series courses.
  • Quick Base Account Admin Qualification Badge – Awarded to those who successfully complete the courses within our Account Admin series.

Quick Base Certification
We’ve extended the 100% off promotion for one free exam through June 30, 2018. Use the promo code qbcert for free access to one of our three certification exams:

  • Quick Base Builder Exam
  • Quick Base Expert Exam (Builder exam is a prerequisite)
  • Combined Builder and Expert exam

Access this content, free of charge, at Quick Base University


Also in this release

  • We raised the character limit for user passwords. The new limit is 64 characters. With this enhancement, Quick Base meets an important requirement of NIST guidelines (800-63B)
  • We added the ability to search and replace text in formula builder.
  • We updated the user interface for color-coding report rows in the table report builder. Now, the color-coding feature (formerly referred to as “Record highlight”) has its own section called “Color-Coding”. To color-code rows in your table report, create a formula:

  • We made enhancements and fixed some issues with the update Desktop experience, including:
    • Adding support for 3 character RGB when setting custom branding header color
    • Improving brand bar customization color when using white background
    • Adjusting the font of the New App tab
    • Improving styling of the New button and More dropdown in Grid Edit
    • Improving the readability of the table indicator
    • Fixing an issue with the Settings jump button when a browser is re-sized
    • Adjusting the Manage Support Cases link in Help
    • Updating the styling of Test This App As button icons
    • Updating the styling of the app footer


What’s fixed in Quick Base dnt=1 videoFoam=true" style="height:100%;width:100%"> 

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description
QBE012124 Sorting users on the Manage All Users page now ignores upper/lower case when sorting in alpha order.
QBE012125 When an admin is bulk denying users in the Manage All Users page, the warning dialog now closes properly, even when some users are not denied.
QBE012162 We fixed an issue with the day view of new calendars where adjacent half -hour events displayed truncated text.
QBE012163 When a user requests that Customer Care re-send a verification link on their behalf, the link now works properly.
QBE012164 We fixed an issue with the display of information on the Manage All Users page; the page now properly stretches horizontally.

The February release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed above, is available starting Sunday, February 25, 2018.

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