February 2016 Release Notes

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Feb 11, 2016
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Here's hoping your February is full of hearts and flowers. We've been hard at work, making sure it includes some QuickBase love, too. Here's what you'll find in our February 21, 2016 release.

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List reports on your app's home page using the new Reports List widget

Now you can include a list of reports and charts on your app’s home page. Just drop the new Reports List widget in the sidebar or body of your app home page to list all the common reports in the app. The reports are listed by table, and if you've organized your reports into groups, also by group.

reports list widget

Learn about the widget at https://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/#about_reportlist_widgets_app_home_page.html after the release.


Edit records easily using Grid Edit reports

Formula and lookup fields now update dynamically when you edit records using a Grid Edit report.


View deactivated users in a realm

The list of realm users on the Directory tab now contains an Is Deactivated? column. This column will show a checkmark to indicate users who can no longer log into QuickBase.


Hide the Totals row in Summary reports

Summary reports now have an option to hide the Totals row.



Connect to more QuickBooks Online data

Create connected tables that bring in more of your QuickBooks Online data, optimized for use with QuickBase. The Invoices - Line Items data set now includes 8 more fields, including Customer ID.  Customer ID is useful when building relationships among tables connected to QuickBooks, like Invoices and Customers. 

Select Invoices - Line Items  when creating a new connected table


If you already have a connected table that uses Invoices - Line Items as its source, create a new connection to take advantage of this update.


Easily identify the Refresh Key field for a connected table

The Refresh Key field for a connected table now displays with this icon refresh_key on the Field Properties page.

We've also included a description of the Refresh Key. (It's typically the same as the Key field for a table.)



Simplified wording for Unique and Required field properties

We changed the wording of the Unique and Required checkboxes on the Field Properties page. The checkbox for Required now reads Must be filled in, while the checkbox for Unique now reads Must be unique.


What's Fixed in QuickBase?

We continue to focus on quality. Here are the issues we fixed this month.

Issue ID Description
QBE002156 Actions based on a change to a file attachment field were not accurately triggered when a document was reserved by another user. This issue has been resolved.
QBE006020 When an admin modified a notification owned by a user who no longer had access to the app, the Notify Whom field defaulted to the previous owner of the notification. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010300 When included in an embedded editable report, Text Multiple Choice fields were not editable if Log the edits to this field, and show them on forms was selected. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010340 After making a change to a personal chart created by another user, save was required before displaying the changed chart. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010367 When a Grid Edit/embedded editable report was opened, contained one record, and the user did not have access to Add Records to the table, a scroll bar was unnecessarily added. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010406 Placeholder users displayed in red and did not appear in the Manage Users page. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010408 In Mobile only -- If an Address field was defined as a lookup field in a child table, it did not display when adding a record. This issue has been resolved.
QBE010425  If a Search widget on an app home page was not properly configured, the home page could not be saved. This issue has been resolved.
 QBE010429  In Internet Explorer 11 only, scrolling was not available when viewing Search results. This issue has been resolved.

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