Excuse Us While We Gloat About Our Customers

Jan 10, 2012
4 Min Read

We're ecstatic to be kicking off 2012 but before we get buried in the excitement of the New Year, we want to celebrate our amazing customers and all their successes in 2011.

Our customers are a big part of a growing class of knowledge workers that are transforming how software is used in the enterprise. Our recent survey revealed that nearly one in five information workers has built or customized a Web app or software for work purposes without support from IT. The results of these tech-savvy innovators? Improved outcomes for their customers, increased productivity and better collaboration among coworkers. Despite this, 35 percent of businesses still do not enable and encourage employees to create solutions independently. We want to let our customers know: we're right by your side in the quest to build solutions that are right for you and your customers and not just IT.

They fueled a movement,

Last year, our customers impacted the business technology landscape and their own organizations in a big way. QuickBase heroes built 257,819 new apps and welcomed 293,625 new users to the QuickBase community. That's close to 300,000 custom-built ways to improve productivity! And we're delighted to be ringing in the new year with almost 300,000 more QuickBase users. We'll do our best to give these budding heroes the tools and know-how to become change leaders at their organizations. If you're a user and want the ability to create applications of your own, just ask your account administrator for "create permissions."

Impacted every facet of the enterprise,

In 2011 our heroes, or application creators, fearlessly crushed inefficiency wherever it lurked, streamlining workflow processes across industries such as healthcare, construction, banking, retail, insurance, telecommunications, education, and hospitality. They made many functional groups dramatically more efficient by creating applications for operations, sales, customer support, human resources, and billing, to name a few.

And empowered those around them.

By inviting 293,625 new users and creators to their applications, our heroes empowered their coworkers to make a difference by either introducing them to our platform or giving them the ability to create their own solutions. If you're a QuickBase customer (or just a thoughtful person), give your friends or colleagues the opportunity to make positive impacts at their organizations by sending them a free trial using our referral tool.

Needless to say, they impressed their teams – and us – with their ingenuity and initiative. Check out some of their co-workers' accolades from the QuickBase Hero Search Contest here.

So, here's to you, our endlessly admirable customers! We thank you for using QuickBase, giving us your feedback, and demonstrating the power of custom apps in the enterprise. Here's to an even more successful 2012! Happy QuickBasing!

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