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Enhance Efficiency With Contract Management Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 6, 2023
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Managing real estate contracts is an enormously complex task, and there are serious consequences when mistakes are made or deadlines are missed. From drafting provisions that meet the needs of every party, to securing approvals and signatures, the many aspects of contract management can easily overwhelm a real estate team – especially as the number of sales, properties managed, and vendors increases.

The right contract management software can help by automating workflows, tracking activities, and alerting teams when deadlines approach or when compliance issues arise. Contract tracking software provides a superior management service that centralizes all documents and makes them easily accessible at any time, on any device. Contract management software should also be fully customizable, ensuring that the technology will meet a real estate team’s every need and adapt to their unique workflows.

Quickbase offers commercial real estate software with contract management capabilities that can be easily customized by virtually any member of the team. With Quickbase, real estate teams can tackle projects of limitless complexity and address visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single software system.

What are the benefits of contract management software?

A superior contract management software system provides several key advantages for portfolio management teams inundated with contracts, agreements, leases, and vendor service contracts.

Improved efficiency

Automated contract management software eliminates tedious and routine tasks while enabling teams to accomplish far more in less time. With fast and efficient approval workflows, features for online editing and collaboration, and the ability to sign documents from anywhere, contract management systems accelerate processes to process contracts faster while minimizing the administrative burden on real estate teams.

Centralized documentation

When documents, edits, approvals, and signatures are managed via email and multiple apps, real estate teams can get overwhelmed quickly. To streamline document management, contract management software should provide a central location where documents can be stored and accessed, as well as tools that simplify sharing, editing, and signing for each contract.

Comprehensive visibility

Contract management software provides complete visibility into the status of every document and real-time alerts as changes are made, approvals are granted, and signatures are added. These features prevent details from falling through the cracks and ensure that contract creation, editing, and signature processes move forward at an optimal pace.

Effortless organization

Contract management systems streamline and automate all the tasks involved in maintaining accurate records, documenting processes, complying with audits, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. When changes are made, contract management software can ensure that records are updated for compliance and future agreements.

Enhanced compliance

Every change to a legally binding contract can have serious consequences for clients, real estate agencies, and portfolio managers. By ensuring accuracy and notifying parties of every change and deviation from standard language, contract management software helps ensure that documents comply with the expectations of every party as well as local, state, and federal regulations.

Contract management software from Quickbase

Quickbase is a fully customizable Dynamic Workplace Management platform that taps no-code application development tools that empower teams to tackle projects of limitless complexity. With Quickbase, team members with any level of coding experience – or no experience at all – can build and customize sophisticated applications that address the most pressing business needs and solve complex workflow issues.

Quickbase contract management software is a pre-configured solution that provides a wealth of tools for creating, viewing, and managing contracts in one place. With Quickbase, your teams can:

  • Work more efficiently. With Quickbase, team members can build templates and streamline workflows using simple no-code tools. From intake, creation, review and negotiation to execution and renewal, team members can reduce redundant and time-consuming administrative work to increase efficiency and accelerate timelines.

  • Find documents faster. With all contracts contained in one central location, team members can find documents quickly without searching through storage folders, email inboxes, shared drives or file cabinets.

  • Access insight with analytics. Quickbase reporting and analytics features provide real-time contract data to help protect profitability, identify risk, increase agility, and enhance compliance.

  • Integrate with other technologies. Quickbase makes it easy to integrate new and customized software with existing storage, CRM, real estate asset management, and service contact management software.

Features of the Quickbase platform

The Quickbase platform is built on 20+ years of experience successfully empowering non-coders to create powerful solutions that address workflow gaps and solve business problems. Our platform delivers:

  • A proven governance model. With Quickbase, citizen developers and business technologists can create their own digital solutions while IT teams provide a framework of oversight and control. Appropriate guardrails and support ensure that projects conform to standards for design, security, and compliance.

  • Real-time integration. Quickbase Pipelines allows users to quickly connect disconnected systems in minutes using a drag-and-drop visual builder to integrate data and orchestrate workflows.

  • Enterprise-ready security. Robust administrative controls make it easy to securely manage users, roles, and permissions. Advanced data encryption ensures compliance with internal security standards and regulatory best practices.

  • Mobile-friendly solutions. Quickbase applications are instantly mobile-ready without the need for a dedicated design team to lead the transition.

  • Personalized visibility. Quickbase provides each user with dashboards that deliver real-time, actionable insights into every operation and process.

Why Quickbase?

As true pioneers in no-code development, Quickbase provides the tools that allow professional developers to be more productive and business users with no background in coding to build sophisticated software systems. By empowering more users to participate in the development process, Quickbase lowers the cost of delivering useful applications while bringing new solutions online faster. No-code development tools enable all employees to fulfill their potential, using their strengths to move the business forward through continuous application innovation.

One of the most significant advantages of Quickbase’s no-code platform is the speed of application development. Rather than overwhelming IT departments with an endless backlog of software projects that must be built or modified, organizations can rely on employees throughout the business to build solutions to the problems they see, freeing up IT staff to focus on high-stakes tasks in security, governance, and strategy.


What is contract management?

In real estate, contract management is the task of creating, negotiating, executing, and tracking contracts, leases, purchase agreements, listing agreements, property management contracts, vendor contracts, and other documents.

What is contract management software?

Contract management software digitizes, simplifies, and automates many of the tasks involved in managing real estate contracts. Contract management software typically offers a centralized repository for all documents, enabling real-time access via any device from any location. Contract management systems also simplify collaboration and editing, monitor and track all contract activities, accelerate the approval and signature process, and ensure that each document complies with various local, state, and federal regulations.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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