Encouraging Cultural Diversity? There’s a QuickBase for That.

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May 18, 2011
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In 2009, out of the 143 major conflicts around the world, 108 had a cultural dimension. The UN emphasizes the links between the protection of cultural diversity and the importance of dialogue between civilizations in the modern world. Nearly 10 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 21st to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development to improve cultural understanding and acceptance. The day provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to “live together” better.

As part of our We Care and Give Back corporate value, Intuit recently launched a Do One Thing initiative to encourage all employees to do their part to make the world a better place. In support of the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity, Intuit is extending its Do One Thing initiative to incorporate the UN’s campaign on May 21st. Following Intuit’s lead, many organizations are hosting special events or doing other activities for what we’re calling the Do One Thing for Diversity & Inclusion campaign. The cross-organizational goal is to get one million people around the world involved.

“We jumped at the chance to showcase Intuit’s commitment to diversity and our skill set in creating a diverse and inclusive environment to the world alongside leading companies in the diversity space like Intel, Merck, Royal Bank of Canada, Yahoo!, Genentech, VSP, Symantec, and Cisco,” said Terilyn Monroe, global diversity and engagement leader at Intuit.

To make this coordination across companies successful, the Intuit employee engagement team teamed up with QuickBase to create an application where individuals from participating companies could publicly sign up for activities to support World Day for Cultural Diversity and in doing so, inspire others. There were other key solution requirements laid out by the Intuit team. The QuickBase needed to:

  • Capture and intelligently display input from multiple organizations
  • Track progress towards the one-million-participant goal
  • Reflect Do One Thing and UN World Day for Cultural Diversity branding
  • Be interactive and engaging to participants

In a matter of a few emails and three phone calls, Kirk Trachy, a QuickBase Sales Engineer, was able to create a fully-branded landing page for the initiative (pictured here) that serves as a sign-up form, crowdsourced idea generator, reporting tool, and social graph. To see the application and what employees have pledged to do visit the landing page.

“A lot of people think it takes months and tons of meetings to create an app like this,” said Kirk Trachy of the Do One Thing for Cultural Diversity & Inclusion application. “With QuickBase, creating an app to fulfill multiple requirements is immediately possible!”

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