EMPOWERing Results: Verité Streamlines to One-Click Processes with QuickBase

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Dec 7, 2016
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EMPOWERing Results: Verité Streamlines to One-Click Processes with QuickBase

EMPOWERing Results: Verité Streamlines to One-Click Processes with QuickBase

With EMPOWER2017 registration officially open, we checked-in on some of our customers and EMPOWER2016 attendees to see how they’ve turned their QuickBase user conference experience into results.

We first caught up with Jenn Stachnik, Accounting & IT Manager at Verité. Jenn manages a client project management app which tracks hundreds of client projects, including timecards, expense reports, budgets, and tasks.

How do you feel your QuickBase aptitude has increased since attending EMPOWER and putting your learning into practice?

I was a fairly knowledgeable app builder before EMPOWER, but my aptitude increased exponentially from attending EMPOWER. I learned so many ways to improve and streamline our processes - from simple things like one-click Skype calling from inside records, to more complicated issues like one-click manager approval of expense reports.

How many new ideas were you able to put into practices because you attended EMPOWER? 

I don't know if I can even count how many at this point! The biggest one I'd say is the one-click manager approval of expense reports. I did work with Data Collaborative, a QuickBase Solution Provider, to help me implement some of the more complicated aspects, but what it does is send an email to the supervisor(s) responsible for approving an expense report (along with a summary of expenses), and they can click a link in the email that will add their approval/rejection with name, date, and timestamp to the expense report. This has eliminated the need to track people down in different parts of the building, or waiting for them to return from vacation or travel to physically sign the report.  

The most fun one in my opinion has been adding color to fields/records, and it turned out that we actually had a very valuable use for it. One of our clients has a very complicated set of budgets that is broken out into an even more complicated set of projects. We were able to set up a system where all projects tied to a certain budget are listed in a certain color so the employees that are working on these can more easily identify what they are looking for when filling out their timesheets and expense reports. 

What are you hoping to learn at EMPOWER this year? Is there a specific problem you are seeking to solve or process to streamline?

I don't have any specific problems I'm looking to solve at the moment, since so much has been accomplished because of EMPOWER2016. However, I'm hoping to also bring a member of our program staff to EMPOWER2017. This person has been integral in these changes we have made over the last six months and my hope is that she will be looking at the EMPOWER sessions from a programmatic viewpoint and thus have different takeaways than I will with my more financial-oriented perspective, allowing us to have greater impact on our systems and procedures.

What would you tell someone on the fence about why they should attend EMPOWER?

 That EMPOWER is extremely valuable to all QuickBase app builders/admins, regardless of their level of aptitude. You come away with so many ideas and resources that even if you don't have the knowledge/ability to implement them yourself, there are so many resources to tap into at EMPOWER, like the tech bar, community resources and vendors/partners.

Join us in Boston May 22-25 for the 3rd annual QuickBase EMPOWER and transform your ideas into results!

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