EMPOWERing Results - Harder Mechanical Improves Supply Chain Processes with QuickBase

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Jan 4, 2017
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EMPOWERing Results - Harder Mechanical Improves Supply Chain Processes with QuickBase

EMPOWERing Results - Harder Mechanical Improves Supply Chain Processes with QuickBase

With prep for EMPOWER2017 in full swing, we wanted to checked-in on some of our customers and EMPOWER2016 attendees to see how they’ve turned their EMPOWER2016 experience into results.

We caught up with Erich Wehrmann, Solutions Architect at Harder Mechanical.  At Harder Mechanical, QuickBase is the “hub” for project site information management and has grown to support almost all aspects of construction project management.

How do you feel your QuickBase aptitude has increased since attending EMPOWER and putting your learning into practice?

Wehrmann: I would say I went to EMPOWER2016 as a Power User.  I’m well versed in the API, but I still found attending EMPOWER helpful as I was exposed to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  As a power user, it made grasping the advanced topics much easier.  I also walked away with a better understanding of cloud architecture and data integrations in general.

How many new ideas were you able to put into practices because you attended EMPOWER?

Wehrmann: Quite a few. One that stands out is I learned a trick for using a public barcode API to produce barcodes in QuickBase forms and reports. Implementing this has improved our supply chain function and processes.

I was also introduced to Google scripts in one of the sessions at EMPOWER2016.  The use of Google scripts has allowed us to run scripts on a time-based trigger. I use it to sync some of our data instead of using table to table reports.  It allows us to sync data and provide reports with more flexibility and control.

In addition, we are getting ready to working with Data Collaborative to implement their timesheet solutions. We saw their demo at EMPOWER2016!

 What are you hoping to learn at EMPOWER this year? Is there a specific problem you are seeking to solve or process to streamline?

Wehrmann: We are planning out a new procurement module.  I’m interested in networking and learning from others that have built similar apps. I’d also like to get a better understanding of the new Mercury UI.

 What would you tell someone on the fence about why they should attend EMPOWER?

Wehrmann: If you are committed to using QuickBase as a tool to improve some portion of your business, then it's well worth it.  EMPOWER is a great opportunity to learn and hear from QuickBase regarding what’s new, what’s up and coming, and to understand any new product features.

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