EMPOWER2018 Tuesday Recap

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Jun 5, 2018
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EMPOWER2018 Tuesday Recap

Day 1 is coming to a close, and if it’s any indication for what’s to come, we can’t wait for Day 2! Here are today’s highlights from #QBEMPOWER18:


Morning Keynote with Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino, a business futurist and expert on digital transformation, took the stage to help attendees learn how to win in the age of digital disruption and thrive in the face of exponential change. He brought a fantastic energy and mindset to jumpstart the next 2.5 days of learning and innovation.  Take a look at his keynote presentation below or read more on his blog.

Here are some of our customers’ favorite quotes and ideas from the keynote:

Ask this question to your business leaders: “Are we continuing to act with yesterday’s logic?”

“If you’re doing business the way you always have, you are going out of business.”

“The gap between people and business is much easier to bridge than business and tech innovation.”

“The last great experience someone had with any company is the new standard experience they expect from every company.”

By 2045 a single processor will be as powerful as all human minds combined… whoa!

Thanks to our Quick Base Heroes for sharing these!

Breakout Sessions

The first day of the conference means a full day of learning across 24 different breakout sessions. These sessions span three different tracks and are led by Quick Base experts, including our own employees, partners, and customers. Speakers shared their knowledge to help attendees be smarter about app planning and deployment, master the product to get the most out of Quick Base, and drive strategic growth to stay in front of the competition.

Some of today’s sessions include:

  • A no tears approach to peeling the integration onion
  • Turning data into decisions: Quick Base as a strategic asset
  • Magic Quick Base examples (part 1 & 2)
  • Managing Quick Base in your enterprise: security and compliance deep dive
  • App Aesthetics: Why design matters and where to actively consider it

Any many more! We’re looking forward to another 24 unique sessions tomorrow.

Afternoon Keynote with CEO, Rick Willett

Rick Willett, CEO of Quick Base, took the main stage where he shared our vision for the future and led discussions with some of our most innovative customers, including TD Bank, HomeSquare, and Avant Healthcare.

Quick Base is CUSTOMER OBSESSED, and we strive to empower those closest to the work to solve problems and do what matters in their companies. We believe that every employee in every organization can benefit from access to Quick Base.

Got questions? Don’t miss Rick’s Town Hall on Wednesday 6/6 from 3-4pm where you can ask him anything!

Following Rick, our Chief Technology Officer, George Mashini, also took the stage to discuss differentiated technology, Quick Base’s architecture vision, and how Quick Base has a no-compromise approach when it comes to being both powerful and simple compared to other platforms.

Customer Award Winners Announced

The Quick Base Customer Award winners were announced at the networking party! We are proud to have a community of such outstanding customers who have developed strategies and use cases that take Quick Base to completely new levels. Congratulations to the following winners:

  • The Pathfinder Award, given to the organization that moves the needle in new and different ways by reimagining how their business succeeds went to TD Bank.
  • The Catalyst Award, given to the organization that creates a culture in which motivated people are empowered people went to Relias.
  • The Impact Award, given to the organization that demonstrates the results of driving ideas into action for their organizations every day went to Vumatel.
  • The Quick Base Hero Award, given to the person for whom innovation has become part of the job went to Forrest Parker from CRH Americas Materials.

Be sure to congratulate these winners (and don’t forget about these amazing finalists!) if you meet them during Day 2 of the conference!

Check back tomorrow for the recap of Day 2 from #QBEMPOWER18!  (Or, take a look back at the highlights from the pre-conference.)  Be sure to check out our Facebook page with photo highlights of Day 1!

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