EMPOWER2017 - What's New in Quick Base?

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May 25, 2017
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What's New With Quick Base Product - EMPOWER2017 Product Keynote

What's New With Quick Base Product - EMPOWER2017 Product Keynote


During the product keynote we shared our vision of how we’re going to help customers be more successful with the Quick Base platform. To deliver on this vision, we announced significant new enhancements to empower our customers to build more apps across their organization to foster greater business productivity and growth. These enhancements, largely driven by customer requests and feedback, are focused around three major areas of the platform - enhancing end-user efficiency, increasing builder productivity, and simplifying user management at scale.


Enhancing End-User Efficiency

With the recent explosion of data, users, and apps within Quick Base, we’ve increased investment in our platform to stay ahead of these trends to help end-users run their reports faster, and their larger apps twice as fast. Several other report and form related enhancements were also released recently to improve the lives of end-users - ability to use formula fields as dynamic filters, setting a default report for chart or summary drilldowns, searching within a specific report, and the ability for form sections to be collapsed by default.

There are several new improvements to reports and forms being released later this year, focused around enhancing end-user experience, such as the ability to email reports as PDF or CSV, easier data input to forms via a ‘Save & Continue’ button, faster loading of forms, and better form organization using horizontal tabs in addition to existing sections.


Increasing Builder Productivity

To help app builders be more productive within Quick Base, we’ve recently released an array of powerful improvements that help them gain more control & confidence in their apps, increase platform automation, and easily bring more data into their apps.

With enhancements such as granular app building/sharing permissions and the ability to test as another user, app builders have better control of staying in compliance with their license and confident that end-users can see what they are supposed to. With Quick Base Actions (a no-code workflow automation feature that triggers actions based on changes in data), app builders can increasingly automate repetitive tasks around their evolving processes. And with recent enhancements to Quick Base Sync such as improved CSV processing, support for address fields, and new data sources such as SFTP and Microsoft Exchange, app builders can continue to get more insights from a broader range of data they bring inside Quick Base.

Later this year, we will provide more control to the mobile experience of Quick Base (e.g. mobile-specific forms) and continue to increase builder productivity by enabling them to build their apps faster. We also have several other data management improvements being released in the first half of next year such as scheduling export & auto-archive of data to an SFTP server and scheduling table-to-table imports.


Simplifying User Management at Scale

One of the biggest areas of feedback we’ve received from our customers around governance is to help them manage Quick Base at scale. We’ve started delivering on this through various platform administration improvements such as the ability to see how a user is granted access to an app, simplified group administration, and an extra layer of security for user credentials via two-step authentication.

There are several new features being released later this year and into the first half of next year such as a brand new centralized user management console that consolidates all user data within a single interface enabling administrators to easily manage their users at scale and a super user administrator that provides greater visibility & control over all Quick Base apps.


We continue to be on a mission to provide a platform that empowers business professionals to easily build custom apps that match their unique processes and provide IT with the right level of governance and control. Again, we’re very excited about these enhancements that will enable our customers to drive greater business productivity and growth within their organization.



Roadmap timeline provided above is subject to change without notice based on customer feedback.


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