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Apr 12, 2017
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Marykate Gass is a Customer Success Team Lead who has worked at QuickBase for almost three years. She will be presenting a session at EMPOWER2017 titled “Planning for the Only Constant: Change”

What inspired you to present on this topic?

Every business is always trying to evolve. Everybody is always trying to be more efficient and more productive. People are always coming up with new ideas and everything is always in constant flux, which is fantastic.

However, your systems and applications must also adjust to those changes. The beauty of QuickBase is that it is easily adjustable. There are a lot of other systems out there that are static and once you invest in them and your processes change, you must keep using an outdated system that slows you down because you don't have money to invest in a new system again.

Why is this important for attendees?

The session will keep you out of a situation where no one wants to use your application because it does not align with the process. We will talk about how to best think about change management within an application. It really comes down to how your app should work for you, not how you should work around your app.

How will this session enable success or help avoid common pitfalls?

Our session is going to enable people to think through a plan for their application so they are not surprised or blindsided as they go. It is a lot easier to fix things along the way as opposed to being in a place where everything is broken and it overwhelms you. I want people to leave my session really empowered to own the change management of their app.

What is your favorite thing about:


If someone has an idea about how to make their own processes or even others’ processes better, they can do that with QuickBase. With our product, everyone can be a problem solver. Many times, people have great ideas that others simply do not have the bandwidth to listen to, and with our product those solves can be put to practice in a very short amount of time. It does not matter if you are a developer or if you are a person without the technical background.

QuickBase customers?

Their creativity. I have loved being on calls with people that are so passionate about what they do. Customers often tell me in depth information about their industries, and I learn so much about subjects I would have otherwise never have been able to learn about. I think it's fascinating the broad amount of knowledge I gain and the insights I get every day from speaking to our passionate customers.

And words of advice for EMPOWER attendees?

People come and they have some background with QuickBase, but they leave really fired up about building and creating. They will brainstorm and get some many ideas at EMPOWER, but they should set aside some time for right after they get back to harness that momentum. And to decide what would be the most valuable to spend time on. If you don’t capitalize on what you learned and what inspired you, you might lose it as you get back into business as usual. So set aside some time and make it happen!

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