EMPOWER2017 – Janet Plumley of CCI Systems Shares What it Takes to Manage Citizen Development Ninjas

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Mar 22, 2017
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EMPOWER2017 – Janet Plumley of CCI Systems Shares What it Takes to Manage Citizen Development Ninjas


EMPOWER2017 – Janet Plumley of CCI Systems Shares What it Takes to Manage Citizen Development Ninjas


We are always excited for the EMPOWER Breakout Sessions presented by our customers! They share creative ways to apply QuickBase to common use cases, and inspire fellow app builders to think outside the box.

Janet Plumley, Business Analyst and Rapid Application Development Manager at CCI Systems, is looking forward to traveling to Boston from Green Bay, Wisconsin to present at EMPOWER2017. Janet is an EMPOWER veteran, and her QuickBase knowledge has transformed immensely since her first EMPOWER (and ours) in 2015. Then she was a rookie with just two months of QuickBase exposure under her belt and one app in production.  Now she’ll be discussing how CCI built and manages a team of app builders in her session “Building a Citizen Development Ninja Team”.

We couldn’t wait to hear what Janet had to say about her evolution from newbie to expert, and what it takes to manage ninjas.

You’ve been to the past two EMPOWERs. What has your experience been?

I loved both 2015 and 2016 and learned so much. In 2015, I felt a little like a deer in headlights. I was just trying to absorb everything that I could. In 2016 in Nashville, I was a little savvier and between the sessions talked to most of the exhibitors. It was very interesting and helpful learning what additional functionality they offer. This year I would like to spend more time talking with other users and learning more about how they use QuickBase and what has been the most helpful to them. Hopefully learning their tips and tricks! I am really looking forward to Boston!

What are Citizen Development Ninjas?

CCI’s number of QuickBase users, number of apps in production and the QuickBase development Road Map has grown considerably in the last year. Due to this rapid growth, we needed to empower users to become Citizen Developers! After all, who knows their process and pain points better than them?

We provide a solid plan to support and grow users into confident Citizen Developer Ninjas. We even present our Citizen Developers with a Ninja Certificate and star push pin, delivered Ninja style - quiet and stealth like.

What inspired you to present on this topic?

I would like to share the success that we have achieved and the path we took to get there.

I found out early on that staying engaged with the Citizen Developers is key to their success, I can’t just teach them a few things and then say come back when you have your next question. I need to stay engaged with them and continue to monitor their progress and yes, push them a little, for them to keep learning and developing.

With a solid plan, your Citizen Developers can do anything in QuickBase!

Clearly QuickBase deployment has grown at CCI since 2015. What has that process been like and what has it allowed you to do?

QuickBase has replaced and continues to replace manual spreadsheets. Job tracking, job management, parts inventory, fleet inventory and cost allocation, document tracking, financial budgets, financial close task tracking, job scheduling and revenue projection, invoice collection tracking, safety incident tracking - many of these processes were completely manual and required data entry in multiple places.

Our data services team supports QuickBase development with data integrations, code pages, webhooks, and reporting.  This helps us eliminate the duplicate data entry and provides reporting with the click of a button.

Do you see opportunities to the expand your company’s use of QuickBase?

The QuickBase Road Map for both IT and the Citizen Developers is long and diverse, there are many areas that we would like to assist in process improvements, additional project management apps for new groups and adding more functionality to apps in production.

Anything you would like to share with new QuickBase users?

Partnering with your IT department can help provide a more comprehensive solution to streamline processes.

What’s your favorite thing about QuickBase?

You don’t have to be a techie to provide solutions to users.

Are there other sessions that you are excited to attend or topics you want to hear about?

I am interested in anything related to Citizen Development, QuickBase security, webhooks and other advanced features. As my role continues to transition more to QuickBase Administrator, I am interested in any new ideas that QuickBase users and engineers have to share.


Join us in Boston, May 22-25, for the 3rd annual QuickBase EMPOWER and transform your ideas into results.

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