EMPOWER2017 – Jake Rattner Champions Centralizing Information with QuickBase

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May 3, 2017
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Jake Rattner Champions Centralizing Information with QuickBase

Jake Rattner Champions Centralizing Information with QuickBase

For Jake Rattner, an IT Support and Development specialist at Run Energy, QuickBase provided the solution to one of his biggest problems: automating information centralization. Run Energy is a worldwide leader in operations, maintenance, installation and technical services for the energy and environmental industries.

“QuickBase is a fantastic solution to something I always struggle with: how to get information from all our systems into one place automatically,” Jake explains. Jake, who has been using our product for over three years, will explore the information centralization capabilities of QuickBase during his EMPOWER2017 session "To CSV and Yes to CSV. 

“My session will enable success by showing attendees how to import information into QuickBase in a stable and timely manner as well as some tricks for tracking your information once automation allows you to step away from handling data manually, Jake says. He will provide "step-by-step instructions, examples of several use cases and methods" to increase your integration skills.

As for the benefits Run Energy has realized with QuickBase, Jake lists: "Centralizing information in one system, controlling approvals, real-time reporting and alerts – overall saving time and money by allowing us to customize a system to our processes rather than the other way around."

He adds: "We see opportunities to expand each time QuickBase releases a new feature that increases our ability to automate tasks or create new reports."

Jake is excited to attend EMPOWER2017 because "people are always coming up with new ways to use QuickBase that I’ve never seen before". He is especially looking forward to attending the "Magic Buttons” and “The Power of ‘Everyone on the Internet’" sessions because “Kirk Trachy (the speaker) always has valuable insights and leads a great session, online or in-person".


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