EMPOWER2017 – Get Inspired With the PMO Director at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Apr 10, 2017
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The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has been using QuickBase for ten years, creating a suite of solutions that cater to a wide range of business problems. Deb Cote, PMO Director at Dana-Farber, will be sharing her insights and learnings during the EMPOWER2017 session: "QuickBase: An IT PMO's Best Friend".

"We looked at more out-of-the-box project management solutions and found QuickBase could let an organization build what they wanted instead of adapting to what a vendor delivered," says Deb. "I’m excited to share our story and accomplishments with others since we’ve been using and expanding them for so long."

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has used QuickBase to digitally transform areas such as project management, work requests and management, patient safety, and clinical trials and research. Their creative use of our platform applies to industry-agnostic work processes, including marketing operations and finance efforts.

The inspiration for this session can be tied directly to Deb’s experience leading a PMO – a position that requires constantly evaluating processes and determining best solutions.

“When using tools, you need to be careful that the tail is not wagging the dog – that the tool is not driving your process. We’ve been deliberate and successful in our implementation of QuickBase to organize, streamline, track, and communicate project information to stakeholders; to determine what IS staff are spending their time doing; and to allocate resource assignments to plan our work – all while using QuickBase to support and capitalize on our organizational processes,” she says.

Attendees will undoubtedly leave this session with many new ideas for advancing QuickBase further within their organization, and understand the critical factors for implementation.

"They will see how an entrepreneurial, non-profit organization was able to put some structure around project and portfolio management that benefits project managers, stakeholders, sponsors, organizational management, and executive leadership without feeling tied down by a tool’s delivered functionality," summarizes Cote.

Deb has a lot of excitement around learning from others at EMPOWER2017.

“I am interested in seeing what is done by others in comparison. Have we built more than others, do we have a long way to go, or are we on par with other QuickBase shops similar to us?”.

She is planning on attending Advanced Project Management, How Texas A&M Uses QuickBase to Track Student Engagement, and Build a Stronger Relationship Between IT and The Business, and other business-focused sessions, "because they’re either doing what we are or what we’d like to do.”


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