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May 1, 2017
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Jennifer Griffith, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Associate Department Head (Public Health Studies) for Texas A&M University School of Public Health, is thrilled to share her breakthrough moment in data management in the session: "How Texas A&M Uses QuickBase to Track Student Engagement.”

The breakthrough moment for Jennifer came in August of 2016. Texas A&M School of Public Health had launched a QuickBase app, built over a two-day period, to track engagement activities for over 100 students. The school's new tracking method has allowed for a much better visibility into which students are doing outstanding work and allowing them recognize students for their participation.

"The use of data management apps in higher education allows you to become more agile and responsive to trends and patterns. In our case, professional development activities and short field learning experiences are extremely popular. With this data, we have been able to plan additional activities to further engage students,” Jennifer explains.

Their app was built over a two-day period, during an onsite training, with small tweaks and modifications taking place behind the scenes for another few weeks so they could launch during new student orientation in late August.

"Taking something from an idea to reality and seeing it function so that students are acknowledged for their efforts is the most rewarding part of this app,” declares Jennifer.

"I am inspired to present on this topic based on the ability of QuickBase to take something that could have been a data management nightmare and make it something that worked beyond my wildest dreams.” Jennifer says. “The most important message that I hope attendees will take from this presentation is that no matter how complex the process seems, there is a way to build an app that will support you."

The Associate Dean has built three apps so far and is in track to build two more before this summer, and is excited to attend EMPOWER for the first time. She is planning to attend the following sessions: “5 Hidden Jewels of QuickBase”, “Streamlining Paper Processes in QuickBase”, and “Building Powerful Formulas that Enhance Your Apps.”

"I cannot wait to see what others are doing that may help me improve or create new apps that help me work smarter, not harder!" she says.


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