EMPOWER2017 - DishOut’s VP of Tech to Discuss Managing Logistics with Quick Base

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Mar 13, 2017
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EMPOWER2017 – DishOut’s VP of Tech to Discuss Managing Logistics with QuickBase

We are always excited for the EMPOWER Breakout Sessions presented by our customers! They demonstrate creative ways to apply Quick Base to common use cases, and inspire fellow app builders to think outside the box.

Harrison Hersch, VP of Technology at DishOut will be flying into Boston from Port. St. Lucie, Florida to attend EMPOWER for the first time. DishOut is a technology company specializing in solutions for the payment industry, and uses Quick Base in every single area of the company, including billing, inventory, ticketing, merchant applications, CRM, transaction volume trends, outbound e-mails to customers, timecard, a VoIP integration and many others.

Quick Base is the common thread that ties together internal processes and customer-facing data. Different departments within DishOut easily collaborate through Quick Base and can access real-time analytics about things their customers care about: order status, service ticket status, SLAs, etc.,

Harrison will be presenting a session focused on “Managing Logistics with Webhooks and Zapier” and we caught up with him to get some more on his Quick Base experience, details about his session and why he’s excited to present at EMPOWER2017.

How did you come to use Quick Base and how long have you been a user?

I am passionate about Quick Base! I was introduced to it as a customer about seven years ago, and then made a change to work for MCFTech, one of your partners and a Titanium sponsor at EMPOWER2017. I was running the SMB division at MCF, eventually moving to Director of Engineering where I was responsible for overall architecture, product development, infrastructure, and our approaches to security.

When I got to DishOut, they were already using Quick Base. Some parts were really working for them, some weren’t. As citizen developers, they had done a great job getting it to a point it served the business really well.

I’ve loved coming in and listening to what would simplify employees’ lives, and help serve our customers better, and then making that come to life. Seeing their reaction when a shipping process that used to take hours can now be completed in 10 minutes is awesome. It’s opened their eyes to what Quick Base can do, and gotten them to buy into process improvement by encouraging people to ask “What else can Quick Base do for us?”.

What inspired you to present on this topic?

One area that I’ve heard a lot about heard over the years is the need to evolve inventory and shipping processes including barcoding, label creation and tracking with tight integration into the business process. Sharing DishOut’s story can help other companies with logistics requirements.

How will this skill/lesson enable success or help avoid common pitfalls?

While this presentation will focus on specific workflows for illustrative purposes, these can also help many companies with their logistics processes. The use of microservices like Postmen, Google, Cloud Print, etc. combined with webhooks and Zapier will show attendees how flexible Quick Base can be. Many of these techniques and technologies can be adopted to other areas unrelated to logistics. Using this type of approach can avoid costly, bulky and inflexible integrations and enhancements that are often difficult to adapt as the business grows.

Why are you excited to present at EMPOWER?

The ability to share knowledge and experience that can help empower users to make a difference at their company – by themselves or with minimal outside help – is awesome!

Join us in Boston, May 22-25, for the 3rd annual Quick Base EMPOWER and transform your ideas into results.

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