EMPOWER2017 – Brian Cafferelli Will Help You Scale Your Apps Wisely

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Apr 3, 2017
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Brian Cafferelli to speak at EMPOWER2017!


Brian Cafferelli to speak at EMPOWER2017!


Brian Cafferelli has been with QuickBase for almost five years. He started on the Customer Care Team and recently became a Product Owner for the Sustaining Engineering Team. He will be presenting a session at EMPOWER2017 titled “Optimizing App Performance in QuickBase”. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Brian sat down with the EMPOWER Team to give us some details about his session.


What are some of the most important takeaways people will learn from attending your session?

There are a couple of aspects of building a QuickBase app that you must pay attention to in order for your app to be scalable. The example that comes to mind most quickly is summary fields. Summary fields could be summarizing data across thousands or tens of thousands of records. So if on day one you create only a hundred of those and a year later that table has to hold fifty thousand records, things can snowball.

What builders will learn in the session are some overarching principles to keep in mind when building and upgrading an app so that they can ensure the longer-term success of the app.


How will this skill or lesson enable success and/or avoid common pitfalls?

Because we will be providing several examples of common pitfalls, this could help people who will be brainstorming new apps at EMPOWER, but also people that are having issues with performance today so that they can have an idea of where to start to fix the problem.


What is your favorite thing about:

QuickBase Customers?

They are very persistent. The flexibility of the product gets people thinking about how it can work for them, not how they need to change their process to fit into a solution.


I'm going to cheat and pick two!

The first thing I really enjoy is meeting the QuickBase customers and seeing all of their passion for the technology, the value and the lowered stress that it provides to their businesses. My other favorite thing about EMPOWER is talking to my customers about what kind of business problems they are currently facing. Both problems they have already solved and problems they are still working on.


So, EMPOWER will be at the Marriot in Copley Square. Any favorite spots in that area you’d recommend our attendees check out?

There is a place at Boylston Street called The Back Bay Social Club. They have amazing burgers, they have this dark timber-type interior, it's trendy, it's a great place to eat.
Join us in Boston, May 22-25, for the 3rd annual QuickBase EMPOWER and transform your ideas into results.

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