EMPOWER2017 – Beware of The Monster App

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Mar 29, 2017
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EMPOWER2017 – Beware of The Monster App


EMPOWER2017 – Beware of The Monster App


Natalya Waye, Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, will be presenting a session titled “Should You Add a Table or Build a New App?” at EMPOWER2017. Natalya has been with QuickBase for over 2 year, answering support cases on the Customer Care team and serving as an Onboarding Specialist before joining the new Customer Success Team. She’s worked with small companies and Fortune 100 best-in-class businesses. In her session, she’ll be tackling the monster app – how and why you shouldn’t build one, and what to do if you have one already.

Natalya sat down with the EMPOWER team to share more details about her session and the rewards of interacting with QuickBase customers every day.


Tell us about your session. What inspired you to present on this topic?

As our customers’ use of QuickBase grows and their apps evolve, it’s important to recognize that it’s ok not to have all the tables in one app. There is power to breaking stuff out, if it has its own process, if there are people who own that workflow. Some customers, even after years of using Quickbase, will have the one massive app where everything lives and it’s a beast.

When everything is in one app you must be very careful about what content you move around, you don’t know what this field is dependent on, what reports its in, so if you go in to make changes, it’s a trickle down, it’s going effect someone else. Getting out of that main monster app and making processes self-contained allows different people who own processes to really focus on that and not have to worry about manipulating someone else’s process.


Why is this important for attendees?

In this session, we hope to educate our customers on red flags, what to watch out for, places where it might be a good place to stop building in the app and make a new one instead. It’s important, when you get addicted to QuickBase and are starting to build and can imagine so many processes living in an app, to know when to say “Ok, let me really look at this.”

This session will show people the benefit of creating a neighborhood of apps. Not all the data lives in the same app, but all the apps can talk to each other. At its core, it’s about identifying process A, process B, process C and building those apps individually.

We are going to do an overview of what a cross app relationship is, so even if you’ve never done it, come to the session, we’ll go over it and show you how to create one.


How will this session enable success or help avoid common pitfalls?

Depending on how much data is in one app, if someone is running an intensive query, everyone in that app is going to be effected. If you have 100 people who are always in the app and they have different processes, it’s going to make the QuickBase experience a lot smoother if stuff is broken out.

If people have a monster app they need to attack, this session would be a great place to start. That can be a very scary thing to do and one of the things we are going to show you is, how if you’ve already created relationships in your app, how you would maintain those in a cross app relationship. We’ll walk through those steps. So, attend this session, start thinking about where you could apply some of those breaks, and then swing by the tech bar to start implementing.


What is your favorite thing about:



In my roles, I’ve worked directly with customers, it’s so awesome to put a face to a name. People I’ve been working with all year, I finally get to meet!


QuickBase customers? 

They are so excited about what they do and so proud of the apps they build. Some of our most successful customers are the ones that start off knowing their process but they’re not sure how to get started with QuickBase. Getting them started, whether its onboarding or training, is great because once they get their feet wet they get addicted.



No two apps are alike. It can help anybody in any market. It’s so customizable to the process, and there are so many applications for it. Our customers come in with one use case and then say “Oh, I’m also tracking that in a spreadsheet” and then start creating their own ecosystem of apps.


Anything else about EMPOWER that you’d like to share?

Seeing how excited our customers are about our product inspires me to keep doing my best for them. They work so hard and they put a lot of time into their apps and their processes, and witnessing that at EMPOWER is really a rejuvenating experience.


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