EMPOWER2017 – Benjamin Buday Helps QuickBase Customers Think Like Sherlock Holmes

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Mar 20, 2017
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EMPOWER2017 – Benjamin Buday Helps QuickBase Customers Think Like Sherlock Holmes


EMPOWER2017 – Benjamin Buday Helps QuickBase Customers Think Like Sherlock Holmes


Benjamin Buday, Senior Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, has been empowering app builders for almost four years, helping them address new uses cases and expanding uses for their current QuickBase applications in creative ways.

At EMPOWER2017, he’ll be guiding our customers to think like Sherlock Holmes, and ask “why” many times before they start the process of creating a new app. The EMPOWER team caught up with Benjamin to talk about his session “Detective Work: A Methodology of Discovery.”

What inspired you to present on this topic?

I help many QuickBase customers get started with building their applications. We often get to certain point where I ask them "What do you really need this app to do?" and they would not have a specific answer for me. Instead they would have loose definition such as "I need to organize my resources".  What they don’t focus on is what they hope their app can improve in their process, and often just look to repeat what they’re doing today.

The whole point of QuickBase is to improve your processes, so it is vital that the discovery process happens in depth and all the right questions are asked and answered before the building process starts.

During my session, I will share my methodology on how to be curious and ask the right questions that ensure your app is launches quickly and successfully.

What is your favorite thing about:


It’s the only time that this many QuickBase employees and customers interact with each other in person. I prefer to work with customers upfront, so it is a great opportunity for me to connect with them. EMPOWER is also a great opportunity for our customers to share stories with each other and inspire each other to use QuickBase in new ways.


One thing I really appreciate is how it helps people realize the shortcomings and pitfalls of their own processes as well as their biggest strengths.

In other words, it can tell people about how they work on a bigger scale. The way people manage QuickBase shows a lot about how they manage their own businesses. Should I have more reminders or more reports? Am I proactive? Am I reactive? Am I a mix of both?

QuickBase customers?

They are always trying to redefine how they work and find the best way to do things, never just trying to find the easy solution that will get the problem out of the way. I am very energized by seeing our customers constantly trying to improve their processes – work and otherwise. But sometimes, when it comes to QuickBase, they don’t always know where to start redefining or how to find the new best way to get their work done. Helping them find their way is what keeps me motivated.


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