EMPOWER2017 – An Introduction to Formulas with Eric Mohlman

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Apr 17, 2017
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Eric Mohlman is a featured speaker at EMPOWER2017 - session on basic QuickBase formulas


Eric Mohlman has been with QuickBase for almost nine years. He started out as a Lead Development Rep, then moved into customer support as part of the CARE Team. He has become well acquainted with the capabilities of QuickBase over the years, “more than I could have imagined" he says. His session at EMPOWER2017Basic Formulas” might sound, well, basic, but it will open up a whole range of possibilities.

Eric sat down with the EMPOWER2017 Team to discuss his session.

What inspired you to present on this topic?

While on the CARE Team, I became known as the "formula expert".  Team members would often come to me when faced with a formula roadblock, so I am experienced in communicating best practices about that part of QuickBase.  Formulas one of the top five requests that come into CARE, it’s an important topic to be discussed.

Why is this important for attendees?

I learned QuickBase starting with the basics: tables, relationships, dashboards, etc. After that I progressed to displaying information and run calculations using formulas based on my programming background.

I feel a lot of customers go through the same journey as I did as they discover QuickBase. This session is designed for those people: the ones who understand the basics and are eager to expand their QuickBase capabilities. Or even for people who just want to get a taste of what formulas can do.

People will walk out knowing what formulas are, with basic examples on how to use them. Mostly, people will learn what resources are available to them and how they can start applying them right away.

One thing I would like to make clear is that you absolutely do not have to be a programmer to learn how to use formulas. It does help, but you can certainly learn it no matter who you are, so please come to my session!

What is your favorite thing about QuickBase customers?

I love the challenges they bring me. Having been in the CARE world a while, the diverse nature of the use cases, needs and problems has really been the bread and butter for me – something that has always kept my interest level high.

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