EMPOWER2017 – Suggested Agendas by Skill Level and Business Function

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Apr 26, 2017
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Suggested Agendas at EMPOWER2017


EMPOWER2017 is a big event, jam packed with lots of content! We are happy to be offering almost 50 unique Breakout Speaking Sessions, and we are here to help our attendees navigate all those choices. We want everyone to leave EMPOWER with an increased understanding of how QuickBase can work for them and excited to take their apps to the next level.

With that in mind, we have Suggested Agendas for six different user profiles. These agendas contain sessions that we think are most valuable to QuickBase users at different skill levels and most applicable to different business functions. You may find yourself to be a perfect fit for one of these profiles, or a mix or two or three user types. You are welcome to customize your agenda however you’d like, and pre-registration for sessions is not required.


QuickBase Basics: Focused on what is most important to beginners. Includes understanding your process before you build, best practices for developing successful apps and introductions to functionality such as formula.

Intermediate App Builder: If following this session track, you will be focused on optimizing current apps, creating webhooks, learning API Basics, and understanding various integration options.

Power User: This track will explore advanced use of webhooks, API calls and automation. Includes Roadmap sessions focused security and managing large numbers of users. We want your feedback!

Line of Business: Sessions focused on improving the relationship between your line of business and IT departments, empowering citizen development teams, and generating more business value through QuickBase.

Process Optimization:  Sessions led by our most creative customers demonstrating their path to success, processes optimization tools and best practices.


Join us in Boston, May 22-25, for the 3rd annual QuickBase EMPOWER and transform your ideas into results.

Register now and start planning your EMPOWER2017 agenda!

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See you in Boston!

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