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May 9, 2017
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Kirk Trachy, Customer Success Engineer and host of QuickBase’s “Weekly Widgets QuickBase Tricks and Tips” webinar, has been with QuickBase for almost 12 years.

“It’s the most fun job I have ever had,” he says. “I get to talk with customers about new cases and what’s possible, leveraging all the cool things QuickBase can do and applying it to what they want to do, so they can use it to its utmost.”

Kirk sat down with the EMPOWER team to talk about one of his "The Power of Everyone on the Internet" session and what he loves about the user conference.


What is your favorite thing about


If you can say it out loud, you can do it. You can do anything with QuickBase and if you can say it out loud, it means you’ve thought about it in such depth that you can do it with QuickBase.

Our customers? 

They tend to be self-reliant and excited that they can solve their own problems, and once they find out that they can do that with QuickBase, the sky is the limit. Their enthusiasm bubbles over in every conversation you have with them. They too wake up at 2 a.m. thinking about processes or are in the shower thinking about ways to leverage QuickBase.


The content, the excitement of the customers, the connectivity between customers, the sharing of information, the energy, the delight, there was not a boring person there. I would highly recommend this to anyone creating a QuickBase application. You are going to find things that you didn’t even know you wanted to know.


You are doing a session “The Power of ‘Everyone on the Internet.’" What’s this about? 

This will be an exploration an anonymous user type within QuickBase called Everyone on the Internet. It enables you to add webforms and requests in an open way that does not require participants to have a QuickBase user license. At first look at it, it may seem like a very basic feature of QuickBase, but there are things we will be talking about that’ll make you tilt your head and say “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you could do that.” Most people don’t know you can leverage the anonymous user to do some very cool things.


What are some the important take-aways from this session? 

When you first start using Everyone on the Internet, the surface is not the best part of it. It is what it empowers underneath, like email notifications, dashboards, and methods to updating data even though the person is anonymous.

Many large organizations want to poll all their customers for record updates. Everyone on the Internet allows anonymous users to be leveraged to update records, submit requests, fire off email notifications, and provide dashboards, things like that.

Most people don’t believe you can do what we’ll do.


What success will this session enable, or where will it help our customers avoid pitfalls?

The people that are in this pain know very well what they are trying to solve. I frequently meet with customers who are working really hard to provide an application solution that they didn’t realize they could do with QuickBase very easily. There are some real functions that you might want to consider when setting up your application. And if you’ve ever tried to do this yourself, you’ve probably come across “gotchas” along the way and we’ll address those.


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