EMPOWER2017 - Adam Hoover Brings Shadow IT into the Light

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Apr 24, 2017
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How to Align IT and the Business with Adam Hoover of QuickBase


Adam Hoover, a Customer Success Engineering Team Manager at QuickBase, will be presenting "Build a Stronger Relationship between IT and the Business" at EMPOWER2017. As a CSE Manager, Adam and his team work with customers throughout their journey, from proof-of-concept through sales and continuing as they deploy and grow QuickBase within their organization.

Adam sat down the EMPOWER team to share some thought on his session.


What inspired you to present on your topic?

I was at the Gartner App Summit last December, and while listening to analysts talk about market trends, I realized that there are a lot of software providers who are fearful of the proliferation of shadow IT. I think to them even the words "shadow IT" sound ominous and scary. That fear is really what I am trying to respond to.

Using technologies such as QuickBase frees up some of the IT budget that companies have and those resources can be allocated to the big heavy-duty challenges. The IT department can now be free from responding to smaller requests while still maintaining control and compliance over them, so why not do that?


What are some of the key ideas people are going to take away from your presentation?

IT doesn’t have the bandwidth to do it all and business doesn't have the knowledge to solve challenges in compliance 100% of the time. So, how do companies bridge that gap?

I am going to talk about how do you get those two functions to align and help each other out rather than have a combative relationship. People are going to come away with specific tactics on how to engage IT as a business professional, and how to engage business people as an IT professional. The engagements must be aligned in a way that IT retains control over processes while business does not lose any aspects that are crucial to their strategies. However, the most important part of this is removing the fear of communication between those two spheres.

And we are going to dive into what a tool that facilitates those kinds of needs look like, and how QuickBase can be the key to achieve that alignment with specific real world examples.


What is your favorite thing about


Customers developing a sense of community. We have heard several stories of customers getting together after EMPOWER and creating their own user groups around their similar use cases or industries. When customers realize that other people are running into the same issues as they are and that there is a bigger community around ideas for QuickBase, that is truly valuable. We offer a lot of training and ideas at EMPOWER, which are all very valuable, but the community building is a priceless.

QuickBase customers?

They are all so different that there is no great one specific answer for that. However, I would say the diversity itself is my favorite thing. We have the super powerful thought leaders - they see a problem and can already imagine five different solutions for it, and are A/B testing them in their head. We also have people who never encountered those types of concepts before and are just starting out. They are the ones who now can think about their work more creatively and outside-of the-box for the first time, and they really enjoy it.


EMPOWER will be at the Marriot in Copley Square. Any favorite spots in that area you’d recommend our attendees check out?

I'm so glad you asked that question! In terms of getting drinks, Top of the Hub is across the skybridge at the Prudential Center and The Back Bay Social Club at Boylston street is also a great place. I love that area.


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