EMPOWER 2016 - UBM One Year Later - From Questions to Answers

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Feb 25, 2016
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empower 2016 - ubm one year later - from questions to answersAt EMPOWER 2015, Joanna Schreck, Integrated Programs & Systems Manager at UBM Americas, was looking for answers. This year, Schreck will be presenting a session on where those answers led her, about how she successfully assessed and rebuilt a key app in the UBM Americas’ QuickBase universe.

“Last year when I attended EMPOWER I was in the thick of things, undertaking a rebuild of an app I inherited,” Schreck says. “This year, I’m presenting on the success of that rebuild. I hope attendees walk away from the presentation feeling as motivated and confident as I did last year.”

We are so excited for her presentation, “Love Them or Leave Them? How to Handle a QuickBase App You Didn’t Create.” She will be joined by Marykate Gass, Sales Engineer at QuickBase, and together they will discuss best practices for evaluating your existing applications and how to determine whether to refresh or rebuild.

Schreck is the QuickBase system administrator for UBM, as well as a member of UBM Americas’ Client Services and Delivery Operations team; the team that utilizes QuickBase for program and business management of 90-100 new client projects every month.

Just one year ago, UBM Americas was in a situation where their QuickBase application no longer fit the bill. It coincided with changes to their business strategy, rendering multiple QuickBase tables suddenly obsolete. Additionally, new teams had come onboard looking for features and functionality that couldn’t be integrated based on the overall app design. Due to these challenges, Schreck found herself questioning the app architecture entirely.

UBM knew that QuickBase was agile enough to support the changes to their business; the problem was an inherited app that was too large to maintain, and customized functionality that was outdated and clunky. Faced with the looming question of how to proceed, Schreck embarked on a journey to determine the options, ultimately deciding to take on a full in-house rebuild. This control allowed UBM to integrate enhanced functionality, addressing a long list of needs including the utilization of QuickBase Sync for Salesforce.

UBM Americas had been looking to close a gap between their Salesforce CRM solution and project management solution. Specifically, the team wanted to automate the creation of a new project in QuickBase when specific types of deals were closed in Salesforce. At the time, the Client Services team at UBM Americas would manually create a new project in QuickBase, copying and pasting data from 15 different fields in Salesforce — time better dedicated elsewhere, and an activity that could open the door to error.

The team found its solution in QuickBase Sync for Cloud Apps. With built-in, code-free integration with Salesforce, QuickBase Sync for Cloud Apps enabled the UBM Client Services team to automate many redundancies in the process. Schreck estimates that this automated system saves about 15 minutes of data entry per project. At a conservative estimate of 80 new projects per month, that's a savings of 20 hours per month for the Client Services team. Plus, the automated system reduces errors that arise from manual inputs.

“Rebuilding our app and integrating QuickBase Sync made all the difference,” says Schreck. “We even have the in-house knowledge now to grow our app as the need continues to arise.”

In this session you will learn:

• How to understand an app you inherited
• The benefits of adopting an app and the knowledge gained
• How to determine if it might be time for a refresh or rebuild
• The importance of a roadmap
• The challenges of moving data from an old app into a new app

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