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EMPOWER 2016: Quickbase, Google Apps, Portals and More

Written By: Eric Segal
March 14, 2016
2 min read

Data Collaborative can’t wait for EMPOWER 2016! We’ve been providing Quickbase solutions since 1999 but I have never been as excited about the future of Quickbase as I am this year.

Back in 2000 when Intuit purchased Quickbase, we were the only development partners. Since then, lots has happened, but with our 17 years of experience, we are totally comfortable with the transition to new owners. In fact, we are more than comfortable, we are thrilled.

With offices just down the block from Quickbase’s Cambridge headquarters, we have a unique vantage point on the current transition. And we are seeing tremendous interest, investment, and enthusiasm from Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (the new owners), so we are pedal-to-the-metal, full speed ahead into what promises to be a great decade for Quickbase.

All that to say I’m very proud to announce that we are sponsoring EMPOWER 2016, and will be both speaking there and demo’ing some great Quickbase add-ons at our kiosk.

Data Collaborative is based in Arlington, MA but we have worked all around the world, from Indiana to India, with clients as small as Mom and Pop, and as large as Fortune 100 Companies. We like to have long term relationships with our clients, so we provide a full range of Quickbase-related services. Whether you need 15 minutes of technical assistance, a customer portal, or a complex integration between Quickbase and QuickBooks, we are eager to provide the services you need so that Quickbase works for you.

One thing we have been hearing a lot this year is requests for Quickbase portals. Many of our clients want to share data with customers, vendors, or the public at large, without needing to get full Quickbase functionality for all those users. So we have developed fully branded portals (without the Quickbase look) that can be open to hundreds or thousands of people, providing exactly the data they need, without compromising data security.

At our kiosk, we will be demonstrating these portals, and we’ll be happy to talk about how a Quickbase portal could work for you.

Connecting Quickbase with Google Apps

The other big news among our customers has been requests to connect Quickbase with Google Apps. Some people want their Google Calendar to show up in a Quickbase table; others want data from Google Sheets. We’ve come up with a whole range of solutions, so if you are interested in connecting Google Apps and Quickbase, I hope you will come to our breakout session on that subject!

This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss!

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See you in Nashville!

Written By: Eric Segal
Eric Segal, principal of the Data Collaborative in Arlington, Mass., has been delivering Quickbase solutions to companies large and small since the product’s inception. He pioneered linking Quickbase and QuickBooks, and spends many hours every week in screen sharing sessions, helping customers better understand and use Quickbase. Outside the office, Eric spends all the time he can with his four children and aspires to complete Winter Ascents of New Hampshire's 48 4,000-footers.

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