EMPOWER 2015 - StubHub Works Smarter with QuickBase

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Mar 10, 2015
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As we approach EMPOWER 2015, we'll be showcasing some of the amazing Intuit QuickBase customers who will be speaking and sharing their ideas at our inaugural customer event. Register today!

For a busy creative department, every project is built from dozens of moving parts, from staff to assets to approvals and beyond. At StubHub, the process for managing creative projects was characterized by "a lot of chaos" according to project manager Dennis Kang. The department used a ticketing system built in Microsoft SharePoint, so any changes required someone with technical skills, which created frustrating delays in the approval process.

To solve the challenge, Dennis spearheaded the adoption of a brand new process and a new project management system built with Intuit QuickBase. He also helped create an integration with online proofing tool ProofHQ to streamline approvals. He did this all with a lot of requirements gathering, meetings to go over proposed process, and with "a lot of energy drinks," he says.

The integrated tool was a massive step forward in many ways. The team's SharePoint system was used to submit and filter tickets only. The QuickBase solution improves on that in several ways, including:

• Identifying stakeholders and resources for fast reporting

• Centralization of all projects, which helps drive team priorities

• Resource allocation based on priorities and availability

Since implementation, the creative approval process has been reduced by 1-3 days across all projects, enabling the team to save time and hit more deadlines.

Dennis has a diverse work background ranging from a Graphics Drive QA tech at Intel to being a producer at Gap. His current position at StubHub is where he found his passion for creating and building automated systems and process through the help of QuickBase.

This is a rare opportunity to get first-hand knowledge and insights from QuickBase experts. So register for EMPOWER 2015 today!

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