EMPOWER 2015 - See How to Visually Create Business Mobile Apps with QuickBase

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May 6, 2015
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ViziApps is really excited to be a part of EMPOWER2015, May 26-28 in Chicago! Visit us in the Exhibit Hall to see how you can use ViziApps to quickly create engaging business mobile apps with QuickBase data – visually with no coding!

Businesses increasingly need to put workflow and data into the hands of their users with mobile apps. Just as QuickBase enables you to create powerful business applications, ViziApps® extends QuickBase so you can quickly create custom business mobile apps without coding. ViziApps mobile apps can provide easy to navigate engaging user experiences to empower your mobile users to get their jobs done more effectively.

Like QuickBase, ViziApps is a SaaS Solution that’s easy to use anywhere you have a browser. Here’s how:

1. Design your mobile app online with the ViziApps Studio visual drag & drop editors (see below).

And, you can even easily embed JavaScript for special functions or app flow logic.

2. Download to your mobile device to test in seconds

3. Publish through the public app stores, mobile app management systems or ViziApps Instant Publisher

See full size image.

We’ve worked with Intuit, QuickBase users, and QuickBase Partners since 2012 to seamlessly integrate ViziApps with QuickBase. QuickBase users and partners have used ViziApps to build custom mobile app solutions for property management, construction project management, healthcare services, and more. We’ll show a range of examples QuickBase mobile apps in multiple industry use cases at EMPOWER 2015.

With ViziApps, you can use QuickBase data to create mobile apps that enable:

• Navigation for workflow processes optimally designed for the tasks at hand

• All the device resources to be used for your tasks, like the camera, GPS, push notification, bar code scanning, signature capture and many others in your workflow

• On demand data queries or form inputs to be done based on real time events

• Use of other data source types combined with QuickBase like SalesForce, SQL Databases, QuickBooks Online, mobile back end services and many others

• Quickly update and immediately push new versions to your users


Check out ViziApps in the Exhibit Hall at EMPOWER 2015. We look forward to showing how it works with QuickBase and discussing how you can speed up your mobile app ROI using ViziApps. We’ll have mobile experts on hand to demo ViziApps for you and share tips for maximizing your mobile app’s user experience. But why wait? Go to ViziApps.com today and create your Free Trial Account. In the “Describe the app” field, start your entry with “EMPOWER2015” and we’ll also give you your first month of app publishing for Free!

I look forward to meeting you in Chicago! Follow us on Twitter at @viziapps or connect with me on LinkedIn below. You can also find me on the Intuit QuickBase Network Group on LinkedIn. Interested in learning more about our services, contact with us here.



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